May 05, 2009

Review: Rexona Women Skin Care Dry Stick 24HR Antiprespirant Deodorant in Skin Light with Sunflower Oil

Yargh that's a long title. But they have so many varieties that it's absolutely necessary I'm specific as this is the only one I love. Not like, love.

Perhaps not the most glamorous product ever reviewed here on So Loverly, this is nonetheless one of the most essential. Well of course. I wouldn't be very loverly if I smelt funny now would I?

So far this is the first and only deo to be reviewed on this blog, not that I haven't used others - I just haven't liked any of the others enough to review it before!

So what's so special about this one?

Dry Stick vs Roll On or Aerosol
I've tried all three, and hands-down dry-stick is my fave. It doesn't sting when used immediately after shaving, there's no waiting around for it to dry, and there's no chance of you missing your armpit and spritzing yourself in the eye! (a secret fear of mine)

Also when travelling, there's no liquid rule restrictions, no fear of exploding cans or spilling jars. It's also easy to apply under clothing - crucial when you've forgotten to use it before getting dressed.

Now bear in mind that I don't have a problem with extra sweaty armpits or body-odour even without deo. I just prefer to use one because of the added comfort factor of absolutely dry armpits combined with the happy knowledge that I don't stink. I suspect if you do really want to combat BO and moisture, the other two formulas may work better.
This is perhaps the most important aspect to me. I would in fact prefer a scentless deodourant, but since it isn't available here I'll settle for this deo's scent. It's a quiet, faintly sweet, powdery scent with a fresh soapy tang. It doesn't clash with any perfumes, doesn't turn foul on my skin, and smells the same at the end of the day (but fainter of course!).

It glides on smoothly and invisibly leaving behind a sleek, silicone-y residue. While I honestly don't care about it lightening my underarms (like WHY would I care??) I do appreciate that it makes them smoother. Shaving has been easier and more comfortable since I switched to this deo.

While it does help keep my dry, this isn't heavy-duty antiprespirant. If it's terribly hot, or I exert myself, I will sweat. But for day to day use it's good enough!

This one is a keeper for me and at around RM9, it doesn't hurt to repurchase it over and over.


prettybeautiful said...

i have the roll on one in sunflower oil, and i am quite liking it. but i am not a religious user as i find it very frustrating to wash off the sticky residue! and tips to wash that off easily?

Kahani said...

I use a bath lily and have never had any problems. Check out Syen's review here:

Syen said...

Oooh.. while I'm not a believer in deos (breast cancer and all that stuff.. and I'm not even the sweaty sort to begin with), I think I'll definitely get a tube for my wedding. Don't want guests (or bridesmaids!) to be running for cover no? =P

Soapaholic said...

I love this too.:)