May 01, 2009

Video: Friday is for Total Beauty's Best of Youtube (Top 10)

This Friday as it's Labour Day (and thus a holida for us all) I'm riding on Total Beauty's top 10 compilation of the best how-to videos found on YouTube. You'll see some favourite stars like Xsparkage, TiffanyD, Panacea81, and MakeupGeek and some I may have posted in the past. Yes, I was briefly tempted to sift through what they found and post it for the next 10 Fridays, but that wouldn't be ethical of me now would it? So head on over, and have fun on your day off, and be inspired!


Syen said...



Eli said...

It's a holiday? *looks blank* Goes to show how long I've been stuck in Australia. =P

Kahani said...

Syen: awwwww!

Eli: Labour day! WHEE!

Ghost said...

Have a great day off on friday. Its bank holiday on monday in the UK so longer weekend :)

Hope you get another day off soon in the future Syen