July 08, 2009

Duped: Smashbox Muse Palette by Silk Naturals Bon Voyage Shadows

I feel hopelessly in love with the Smashbox Muse Palette ever since I saw it. The absolutely gorgeous postergirl for the collection didn't hurt either. But not only is Smashbox really pricey, the pallete was US$48! It wasn't available in Malaysia.

So imagine my delight when the genius Karen of Silk Naturals duped the pallete in loose mineral-shadow form. And believe me, the colours are GORGEOUS. Here are the four darker shades I bought at US$4 each. You can opt to buy all 10 shades here for US$37.50 - but I like being able to get only the shades I want.

Colours & Formula
Karen really outdid herself formulating these shadows. The finish is shimmery with a delicate translucency that makes even vibrant purple Vacation" wonderfully wearable. They are smoothly blendable and last all day over a primer.

(L-R) Bon Voyage, Vacation, Getaway, Resort

Incidentally, Bon Voyage is the first blue shadow I've bought in years and is currently the ONLY shadow in my collection. I don't use it often, but I'm so in love with it!


The lovely finish of the shadows make even a multicoloured look like this wearable even for office wear! Granted, my eyes really aren't the best to show off colours (and don't I know it!) but I was quite pleased with this look even if I do say so myself. ; )

Crease: Vacation
Outer-V: Getaway
Lower Lashline: Bon Voyage

These shadows are LOVE and they encourage me to play with colours a bit more. I do have a tendency to stick to brown, brown and more brown! I'm considering getting a few more of the darker shades.


Ghost said...

Hey Kahani

I've been busy but I just saw this post and WOW those colours look great on you. I have the entire collectiona and I love every bit of it (I even brought the extras karen did). Makes me feel guilty as I have played around with them much the past months or so, but not anymore. Hope you don't mine but I'll be copying your look tomorrow for work. Again WOW

Kahani said...

Hey Ghost! Missed ya babe. You're like my only SN friend here. *sniffles*

Thanks so much for your sweet words.=)

I can't take credit for the look it's on the Smashbox site, so go look for it it's a pretty neat video tute. =D

Ghost said...

Hey Kahani

I have been around and beening reading your blog, almost everyday. Just been feeling under the weather for a while, but I hope I'm back on track now LOL

video tute, I'm there. one of the reasons I like youtube lol

Have a great weekend

Kahani said...

Aww *hugs* Hope you feel better soon. My week at work has been rather rough and I'm feeling tired out too. But I have a batch of new makeup to play with which always helps.