June 24, 2009

Quick & Easy: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows in Busy Signal & Carte Blanche

Update (Correction): Sorry, it's "Towne Car" not "Taxi Cab". Correction made below.

I may be vain as sin, but by god I'm also lazy. And now I find I'm too lazy to use eye primer - but I still want my eyeshadow to last all day.

Yes I want my cake and to eat it too. And with Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner (what a mouthful!) I can. In all its delicious shimmery-brown glory.

Carte Blanche and Busy Signal - better together than apart
(L-R) Carte Blanche & Busy Signal

I've had both shades for ages, but until I learnt to use them together, they weren't quite perfect. They look similar in the pot, but when swatched are very different.

I bought Carte Blanche, described as a golden shimmer, at the Benefit Warehouse sale for RM25. Until Busy Signal came along, it seemed like such a disappointment. Beautiful in the pot, when applied on the eyes it was just bleh. Not shimmery enough, a neutral tan medium-brown - it utterly failed as a liner, and as a shadow it didn't make my eyes pop.

Busy Signal, which I bought online for US$19 is closer to what I wanted Carte Blanche to be. It's dark and rich enough and shimmery enough. But this beautiful brown has copper-red undertones which always makes me look diseased. Argh!

How to make them work
I apply Busy Signal in the crease and undereye. At this point I look like I have a bad flu. So I pat CB over it and immediately the neutral gold tones turn it into the perfect brown.

Then using a flat synthetic brush, I pat Carte Blanche above the lid on the outer corners and blend out for a more cat-eyed look.

A dust of shimmery highlighter on the inner corners, blending out to the middle and up above the smoked out wing, and voila! My perfect everyday eye.

The look can easily be amped up with some powder shadows for more drama at night, as I did here.

Oh, and I quick tip! To intensify colours, layer it on letting it dry between layers, this will let it stay smooth and last for ages. Too thick a layer will crease and fade.

Two other shades I have are Towne Car (sheer matte black) and Skinny Jeans (taupe shimmery pewter) and I love both of these for a dramatic smokey eyed look that will last all night long. I'm still working on using Skinny Jeans for day as I prefer a brown-based rather than a grey-based look for day at the moment.

I also have RSVP, a sheer shimmery pink which I pretty but I don't really use it as it only makes a half-way decent primer, and doesn't really make my eyes pop. I prefer using a powder shadow as a shimmer that also helps set the darker cream shadows.

I'm currently eyeing Strut and Stiletto. And despite my rant about not wanting the lighter shades, the incredibly intense gold of Sippin' and Dippin' really grabs me! Especially since it doubles up as a liner.

Do you girls have a favourite cream shadow?


Askmewhats said...

When I first saw it, I was lemming for it then the lemming was gone for months! Now seeing your post about this..how dare you!!! It's back!!!! LOL This looks wonderful!!!!

Jenn said...

These look great!!! I've been wanting to try them out, but i wonder how these compare to the MAC Paint Pots?? Do you happen to have both and can tell me?? :D

Connie De Alwis said...

I love Benefit creaseless shadows! I only wish that they come in more colorful shades.

I have Stiletto and it's a wonderful base for cranberry shade shadows. I use it as a liner too :D I ordered Strut coming in my US package.

the Benefit sale is tomorrow! But I have class til the afternoon and no car to get to the sale! Not in a transport friendly place :(

Kahani said...

Nikki: Oops... but it's really good... so look out for sales?

Jenn: I only have one paint pot which I use as a primer. From what I can see, Paint Pots are better primers, but don't spread and blend as easily as Benefit's and don't have as nice and satin-smooth a finish. Also they seem quite matte to me and Benefit's is shimmery. Hope that helps!

Connie: I so want Stiletto - it's not too red is it? That's a real problem for me.

AUGH! Benefit sale! Me go! me go!

plue said...

i think i have both colours. :P I like them very much!

I think RSVP has been DC, so is Taxi Cab, the last i heard.

tmr's benefit's sales, but as usual, am working and can't go T_T

not that I currently have anything I want from Benefit either. I doubt the stuff I want will be on sales!

mayaari said...

taxi cab sounds like a great color, but I haven't seen it around at all - strut looks like the darkest shade right now, but maybe that will change if they add more for fall/winter?

I love using Busy Signal! I have RSVP and Birthday Suit but I don't use them as much.

petra said...

my god. i want to rob your boudoir.