July 29, 2009

Bridal Makeup Trial: Feedback Wanted!

Helloooo ladies!

So, you've met my makeup artist, Sharon here. And with only two weeks more before the wedding, I decided that it was high time we did a trial run for the makeup.

So as I plonked down on her chair, I told her I wanted a natural look for day. Please don't give me super drama eyes etc.

Based on what I could remember, she used Bobbi Brown (BB) foundation, some commercial strength concealer, BB blush, a mixture of various eyeshadows which included Stila, BB and I'm not sure what else.

The BB foundation (if you read my earlier post, it means I've made it into "good skin" category! Yay!) was applied with her fingers, and it did not feel very heavy. She said she wanted to even out my skintone but still allow my skin to look natural.

She then gave my eyes a (very) little cat's eyes liner, and curled my lashes and gave them a good coat (or two) of her favourite Fasio mascara. (She said I won't be needing falsies for the day makeup.. hehe.) Oh, and she just defined my eyebrows a little more. I'll be cleaning them up a bit more before the wedding, though. =P

For the life of me, I cannot remember what lipstick she used though. It was applied with a brush, and I was VERY impressed by how long the lipstick lasted through drinks and teatime. And no, no lip liner or gloss.

This photo was taken after I got home. Fluorescent lighting with flash.

She used predominantly warm shades, and although it's definitely waaay more makeup than I've worn before, by the time she was done, I was quite surprised that it still looked rather natural in photos. Apart from my eyes, which were reeeally accentuated.

So. Waddaya you girls think? Too heavy? Too light? Too dark? Too much? Good? Bad?

Hit me back, girls! I really wanna know. Thank youu! =D


Tine said...

VERY GOOD! And the makeup artist is right, you definitely do not need falsies (grumble grumble). It's gorgeous!

Always remember though, natural look = a LOT of makeup, so don't be too freaked out about the amount of foundation and stuff they layer on you. It needs to photograph well :)

Oooh two weeks now. Exciting!! :D

Jenn said...

OMG Syen you look absolutely gorgeous!! I especially love how Sharon accentuated your eyes!! You'll be such a stunning bride!! :D

Two weeks to go!! I feel so excited for you!! :D

Connie De Alwis said...

IT's perfect! your eyes are simply twinkling! I'm not gonna say that your skin looks good cuz I don't wanna jinx it :p It's true what Tine says about "natural" look needing a lot of makeup. you'd be surprised when the more professional pictures come out, you may even look like you're not wearing makeup! For my friend's wedding I piled on A LOT of makeup which looks OTT in real life but in pictures, she looked "naturally" beautiful. Lol

Paris B said...

I think its looking good and your eyes were done very well. Importantly is how it photographs because you're going to be taking a heck of a LOT of photos on the day/night! :D

Askmewhats said...

I love it! book her! It is great when makeup artists put a lot of makeup for "photo" purposes and it came out as light and it doesn't feel heavy! You look gorgeous! this looks great!!!!!!!!!!!1

ms.iu said...

wow u look different ..you look gorgeous ....

LyNn said...

you look gorgeous girl!
very pretty indeed
the makeup is light and natural looking giving your face a pretty glow.

plue said...

Jeepers Syen! You look stunning!

and ur lashes! so thick and full! OMG!!! envious!

u look really really lovely hun!

prettybeautiful said...

gosh.so envious of your lashes!!!! i think u look really awesome :)

rinnah said...

The make-up is really nice and natural! Two thumbs up!

Syen said...

Aaawww... thanks all the compliments girls! *blush*

I take that everyone approves of the makeup? LOL. Although, I think I'll take Kahani's suggestion and ask Sharon to use a gold highlighter the next time rather than the pinkish one she used. That should make for a more conformed warm look. =P

Thanks for the feedback ladies! =)

Tine: *Gloat gloat* .. tee heee... =P

gio said...

I love the makeup, it's so pretty and natural! You look stunning!

Anne said...

Hi! Long time reader, first time poster to let you know I think this is a perfect wedding look, you look absolutely radiant!

Shortcake said...

You look absolutely stunning ... your features are enhanced and very photogenic. Sharon is fantastic with bridal makeup, I know, she did mine! :) And, yup, no lip liner and Fasio mascara are her signature moves.

Syen said...

gio, Anne and Shortcake: Thanks ladies! Now all I have to do is make sure I bring lotsa blotting paper so that radiant look doesnt end up being oily look. LOL.

Anne: Thanks for commenting! Do hope to see you around more. =)

Sherry said...

very nice :) hehe.. love the shape of your eyebrow

Anonymous said...

ready for the altar! pretty...get her! she did a good job!


lilsweetkaz said...

wow! gorgeous! definitely perfect for the day.
your skin looks PERFECT and radiant, which is perfect timing for your wedding =)
what have you changed to ur skincare for this wedding prep?

congrats, all the best for your wedding

beetrice said...

yup, definitely a "yay"! :D love the eyes babe, take plenty of photos!!

Syen said...

Hellooo girls! Thank you thank youuu all for your well wishes. Sharon IS good, isn't she? =)

lilsweetkaz: Hello dear, haven't seen you in a while! Welcome back! I wrote a post sometime back, about 2 products which really turned my skin around. You can read about it here.


But apart from it, I've been going for facials as well. Which helped. A lot. =)

Meldee said...


21 comments (plus this!) is a good sign, yes? :D