July 28, 2009

Review: Revlon Beyond Naturals Bronze/Blush & Liptints with SPF15

I love it when I've been eyeing a product, really wanting it, but being a good girl and not buying it... and then have those exact products land on my desk.

Not that getting the Beyond Naturals bronze/blush in peach and the lipting in berry stopped me from spending. I loved the tint so much that when I saw it on sale that evening for RM24.50 (NP RM31.90) I immediately snapped up a tube in rosy pink. And now having used the bronze/blush for awhile, I'm eyeing the one in pink! Help!

Lip Tint with SPF15
It's ironic that the main complaint for these two products is that the lip tint is too pigmented, and the blush/bronze isn't pigmented enough! If you're expecting faint colour from these lippies, you won't get it. They are quite pigmented. What makes them a lip tint and not a lipstick is the formula. Instead of laying down a thicker creamy layer, this makes it look like your lips have been stained. The finish is not glossy but it's not matte either - it just looks like your lips with a slick of lipbalm

(L-R) Berry, Rosy Pink

I love both shades I have. Berry would be awesome in autumn (wrong country I know) but I can see myself using this for days when I want my makeup to be richer. Christmas dinners perhaps paired with a gold toned dress or deep rich jewel tones.

Rosy Pink is my honest to goodness MLBB shade (pic under Bronze/Blush section). Here's how Syen and I chose ours MLBB shades from this range. We both swatched Rosy Pink and Rosy on our hands and I swear Rosy looked more orange on me than on her, while Rosy Pink looked more pink on her than on me. Our chosen shades don't just perk up our lips they flatter our skintones. Syen reports that Rosy makes her face look brighter and fresher and I can say the same for Rosy Pink. So there's your shade selection guide right there!

The berry scents make the liptints smell of jam, or of berry-flavoured candy. I adore it although some ladies may find it cloying or too juvenile. The SPF15 included makes these liptints seem so wholesome - like non-makeup, makeup. Which is partially why they're so attractive I believe. We all have days where much as we love makeup we want to be naturally lovely without it. These liptints not only let me fake the look, they let me lie to me!

Bronze / Blush in Peach
Sorry for the weird hair, it was freshly washed in the pic. When swatched, the bronze/blush in Peach is not pigmented in the least. But when applied it gives your face a glow. Not a sparkly disco-ball glow, but one that makes you look like you've had 8-hrs sleep and a lovely walk in the park under a sunny sky. Sunkissed and happy. I find myself slightly addicted to it, and if I wasn't almost absolutely sure that the Pink shade would look precisely the same on my cheeks, and these duos didn't cost RM53 a pop, I would run out a buy another.

The bronzer is pigmented enough to contour and the blush bright enough to highlight and give your cheeks a pop. But neither are pigmented enough to make you look clownish. Fabulous, no?

I often use just the bronzer under my cheek bones, swirl both colours together and blend it into my cheeks as a blush, and apply only the peach shade on my apples for a pop. Perfect faking it. I rather wish they'd bring in the eye palette I KNOW I'd love it. Natural fuss-free browns in finger-friendly formula (for days when coffee has no effect and brushes require more IQ than you have alert braincells for). I can see myself bringing the collection on a holiday and being happy as a bug in a rug.

Revlon has hit the nail on the head with their Beyond Naturals collection. Great no-makeup, makeup they make you look like a prettier you. Even for makeup junkies like myself, that's sometimes all I really want.


Connie De Alwis said...

the liptints are great! they're on sale?!! cool! means I can get my Rosy :D

AskMeWhats said...

I have never tried any new revlon products lately! i believe I should as yours look wonderful!!!!

Paris B said...

Erm... the sweet scent in the lip tints turned me off :( Otherwise they didn't look too bad

Kahani said...

Connie: I think they still are. Go seeee

Nikki: Tee hee, I saw these in the store and cooed over them for at least 10 mins. So when I came in and found it on my desk I squealed!

ParisB: Aww... I'm glad I love the scent.

Eli said...

Oh, I am have been lusting after this and you just upped it! *heaves a wistful sigh*

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I'm really getting love u more n more everyday ! hahahaha... i like the lip tint.. the color shows well on u

Jenn said...

Eh i was just checking the bronze / blush out the other day, and i gotta agree with you on its pigmentation!! They're definitely sheer ya! :D

And oh... i'm trying hard not to give in and buy the liptints!! >.< They look amazing on you!! :D

Kahani said...

Ooh comments! Sorry to get back to late to you, ladies. Been a hectic kinda day. =)

Eli: There's just something about this collection that inspires lust no? Revlon really knocked it outta the park conceptually I think.

Syn: Aww.. love you too for dropping by. =)

Jenn: I'd say just get one - your lips but better shade. Having said that I paired Berry with a rich berry-shade sweater top the other day and got compliments galore. I do miss dressing up richly for colder weather.

Sherry said...

wow.. nice.. hehe.. I not buy them yet but my friend saying that guardian she went shelf empty haha.. she was eyeing on something last time and not buy

Sarah Yong said...

OMG it's you!!! this is ur blog??? u review makeup??? HOW FREAKING AWESOME!!!!
i'm sarah from writer's camp. dont know if u remmber me :)

Kahani said...

Sherry: Tell her to stalk less popular guardians you can find stuff there the others have run out of. ;)

Sarah: LOL guilty as charged! You found me. =)