July 15, 2009

Review: Missha Pore Minimising First Base

If I knew Korean, I would apply for a translator's job in one of their many cosmetic companies. Some of their products' names are so ridiculously long, they fail to slip off your tongue with ease.

I am a sucker for anything which claims to minimise pores so when I spied this little guy for AUD 12.90, I snapped it up! I was in the market for a makeup primer anyway and the price seemed about right.

When I brought it home to use, I was horrified to find that the product had shimmery particles (remember what I wrote some time back about the Korean obsession with shiny?). The particles weren't too big and they did have a nice sheen BUT rule of thumb says that shiny is a no-no when you want to hide large pores. The reflected light makes your pores look even larger than they actually are.

I kerplunked on my face anyway to see how this worked. It did okay in filling up some of my larger pores but not for moon craters. Then I dusted on some matte powder to tone down the shimmery-ness and waited for a few hours to see how it would go.

3 hours later, I was blotting madly and cursing mildly. I don't oil up that much on ordinary days!

I am writing this primer off as a no-no. The shiny bit was bad and so was the zero oil control. I am trying to finish this off by using it on gloomy winter days when my face could with some amount of brightening.

To its credit though, I didn't break out while using this product after using this product for 2 weeks. If you have dry skin, no large pores and don't mind shimmer, you can take a peek at this. Or ask me for a sample.


AskMeWhats said...

great review! I've realized it too that Korean products love a hint of shimmer! I think it's equivalent to "healthy skin" I've seen those actresses having those type of skin on tv!

Kahani said...

"kerplunked it" tee hee...

Eli said...

Nikki: I know! They always look so dewy on screen. Even my grandmother commented on it.

Kahani: My morning routine is slap, dash and ruuuuuuuun. So "kerplunk" is the right term for me. =D

Kahani said...

oh i like it. I just found it adorable... =D

Melly said...

Hi All, really like your blog with frequent updates and a lot of products' reviews here :)

Eli, i have big pores as well and quite frustrated with it because last time it wasn't like that. I don't know whether the cause of it was simply the changes in my skin or the products that i use :(

Can i ask whether you've tried to use mineral foundation before?

Few mths ago i bought mineral foundation from TBS and regret buying it. The color didn't suit me, makes me looked tanned which is not suitable with my skin's tone. And i feel my face produce more oil than usual when i use it.

Then next question is, so far, have you find any pore minimizer product that works on you? If you have would you mind to review it here, will really2 appreciate it. Thanks!

Eli said...

Melly: Glad to know that you love the blog! Always happy to see a new follower comment. =)

About your big pores, did you just move somewhere and what were you using all along?

Yes, I have tried using mineral foundation. I still do use my Silk Naturals and gave Joppa a try before (the review is somewhere on the blog). I find that mineral foundation oxidises a little on me after 30mins so maybe mixing some sheer primer or finishing powder to lighten up your TBS might help the colour and the oilies. I can do a proper post on this if you like.

Pore minimiser? *sigh* Oh, I wish! The only things which seem to have helped so far are honey masks, aspirin masks, TBS Vitamin C Skin Boost and Avene's Cleanance K -- which I am reviewing next week. ;) But alas, no HGs.

Melly said...

Eli: Thank you for your reply, so sorry for my late late reply :p

I've moved to Singapore 2yrs ago but the problem isn't started at that time. I started to use ZA True White lotion and emulsion and initially it's quite good. But somehow for the past 6mths, i noticed that my skin become oilier and the pores bigger. I didn't stop using the products right away as i thought it has nothing to do with my problem, stupid me!!

Currently I use Shiseido Pureness Anti-Shine Refreshing Lotion and Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free. Although it’s exp, I feel that my skin is healthier. Then for the big pores, I think i’ve found the cure! I’ve been using this EH Pore Diet Essence for around 2wks and I can see the result already. But not sure whether it will be suitable for all skin type as mine is oily and oilier hehe..

For the mineral foundation, I haven’t used it again since few mths back, hence really greatly appreciate it if you still have time to do the post on that. I’ve read your post on the primer but don’t think that it’s available here.
That’s all for now, will do research again before buying my first primer :). Have a nice day~~

Claudio Timber said...

beat an egg white and smooth evenly over the section of large pores. wait until it dries to wash off. repeat once a week until pores are small. and apply moisturizer. minimize pores