July 19, 2009

*Updated with pics! Loving it: Nivea Star Fruits Lip Balm in Strawberry

I love tinted balms - who doesn't? You get to moisturise your lips and add a pretty tint at the same time. But I've tried Nivea's strawberry lip balm in the past and hated it! It was drying, left a matte finish on my lips, and even worse - it left gunky build up on my lips and the taste eventually got cloying. So I was never going to buy a tube again.

Well, until I saw Meldee use it and realised that the formula looked totally different. It made her lips glossy - heck, even the stick of balm looked glossy! And the smell was still sweet but a much tangier strawberry. So when I saw it on sale for RM6.40 in Guardian, I gave in and bought it.

Now I'm hopelessly in love with it. The sheer glossy red brightens my skintone while looking natural. Also it has that coveted my-lips-but-better factor.

I also find it much more moisturising than it used to be and it makes a great base for other lippies and glosses. Particularly the ones I find a bit pale for me.

This is now a handbag staple for me. I'm even considering getting this gloss in cherry. And normally, I hate cherry balms because the scent is reminiscent of cherry cough mixture. But the colour is prettyyyyy...!


theotherworldly said...

Really? They've changed the formulation?

I used to have this stick of Velvet Rose from Nivea, it had this synthetic playdoh smell! Maybe I should check it out again ...

I'm in Singapore and a crazy lipbalm addict (I have 60+ and counting...) and I can't seem to find the Daiso hyaluronic acid one anywhere! Is it Malaysia-exclusive?

plue said...

wat? rm6.40?

u gotta be kidding me! i want this yummy stuff! :P

but i got like 123456789... and counting lipbalms and stuff like those. Ugh.

LyNn said...

ooo i want i want
i always loved lip balm glosses
lip ice especially thou alil sticky
btw have a picture of it?
plus swatches?
pretty please?

Shortcake said...

I just bought the Star Fruits Cherry; love the scent, like cherry-jelly, not like cough mixture, dun worry :)

Kahani said...

Argh! Ladiers I do apologise, this post was supposed to be scheduled a week from now. There was supposed to be pics and swatches. But I screwed up when blogging from my berry. I DID change the dates but something must have gone wrong. =(

Anyway I will update this post with pics of the product and how it looks on my lips tonight. Promise!

theotherworldly: OH yes I hated velvet rose too. No idea if they reformulated it and if it's better.
Sadly Daiso's stock is not constant so if you love something stock up. I haven't seen the hyaluronic balm there in awhile.

Plue & Lynn: Pics coming up & if you finish a tube of balm you can replace it with this! =P

Shortcake: Thanks for the info! *eyes cherry balm lustfully*

Connie De Alwis said...

oooh!!! your lips look so juicy. I totally despised the previous formulas of nivea lipbalms. perhaps I should give this a try!

Janice said...

Gosh! I'm so gonna buy this!

I was a little push away for Nivea lipbalms for the same reasons but since it def looks gorgeous and glossy... why not give it a try? It's only RM6++!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Kahani said...

Connie: Tee hee "juicy" but yes the formula really is better!

Janice: Hope you loves it!

Meldee said...

I've been addicted to these Nivea babies since I was sweet 17 :) They're perfect for moisturising gloss on the go--I don't even need a mirror to apply it anymore!

The strawberry one is still my fave, though. The cherry one, while the colour is deeper, is not as glossy and moisturising. Haven't tried the rose one, though!