July 13, 2009

Monday's Beauty Bits: Airplane Beauty

Although I admired this girl's initiative and lovely narration, I'll admit I was pretty frustrated with the lack of useful tips on surviving a long-haul airplane flight and looking pretty. I've clocked up a fair amount of plane travel in my time, so here are some things I do to minimise the trauma airplane travel can have on your skin. Plus, it keeps me entertained. ^_^

Before sleeping

Never use the water from the airplane loo's tap to brush your teeth. Bring a bottle of water instead. Too lazy? Just bring a tiny bottle of mouthwash and give your teeth and gums a good rinse.

Always take off your contact lenses! Clean your hands with a wet wipe and use a small hand mirror that can stand on its own to remove your lenses. I use a small towel to drain away the excess fluid from cleansing. Or just pop them into cases and fill with fluid - it's better than nothing! Renu sells amazing contact lense travel kits that obey flight restrictions and even come with two zip-lock bags. I also suspect the solution is extra moisturising and kinder to dry eyes.

Take off your makeup with a facial cleansing wipe. I love the ones by Simple, they can take off everything but the most stubborn of mascaras. The sheets are big enough for your entire face and its basic, unfragranced formula lessens the chance of irritation.

Go through your regular night-time routine. Use travel jars and bottles to bring it along with you on the plane. This will lessen the trauma the stress of travelling can have on skin.

Slather on extra (as in, more than usual) hydrating moisturiser like ~H2O+ Face Oasis, or Clinique Moisture Surge Extra. Airplane air is legendarily dry and this will help you wake up looking fresh instead of dessicated. If your skin is acne prone like mine don't be tempted to use heavy cream moisturisers. You'll STILL breakout. Oh and I don't need to ask you to slather on lip balm do I?

When you wake up

Grab another cleansing wipe and give your face a once-over. You'll feel much more refreshed! I also like to use the blanket as a modesty shield and use a wipe to give my body a wipe down too.

I'm sure you'll also want to give your teeth a brush or rinse. Unless you feel like torturing anyone you speak to!

Pop your lenses in. The small hand mirror and towel comes in handy again. Watch out for turbulence!

Go through your regular daily routine. If it's vastly different from your night one, make do with the stuff you have from your night routine. Your skin will like the extra moisture anyway.

A brightening primer like Clarins Flash Balm or Benefit That Gal primer will help you fake a radiant glow even though you feel like death warmed over.

Use a brightening concealer around your eyes and a heavier more matte concealer to cover red spots and blemishes. You can even mix some with moisturiser to even out skintone. Set with your compact powder or even powder foundation.

Use powder foundation. Anything else is just too complicated. You know my personal choice - ZA's 2-Way Foundation.

Choose a perkier peach or pink blush with some shimmer to make you look fresh and awake.

Keep eye makeup simple, and clean. Some highlight shimmer across the lid. A darker shade to contour along the crease and outer V. And powder shadow to line. Cream shadows don't fall under liquid restrictions so go for those if you want. I would skip mascara, curlers, liquid and pencil liners. Who wants to deal with those on a jumping plane?

Glosses fall under liquid restrictions. So opt for a solid gloss or sheer lipstick for your lips. A sheer natural pink with some shimmer is probably your best option. Anything too pale will wash you out and hot red lipsticks are a hassel.

Now sashay your foxy way off that plane and have everyone (but the person who sat next to you) wonder how on earth you can look so damned perky after flight. ; )


jeen said...

hi, i've been reading for awhile and i love your blog

great tips - i find that using a moisturising sheet mask helps loads with keeping my skin hydrated too

i figure the trade off between funny looks from other passengers and looking 100x better than you normally would after a flight is worth it :P

Askmewhats said...

great tips! i seldom think about anything beauty related when I'm traveling! LOL

Kahani said...

Jeen: The cool part is I find increasingly that I don't get funny looks. Some ladies even ask to use a cream or lotion and commend me on my foresight. Thanks for your sweet words, and have a great week!

Nikki: That's because you're naturally gorgeous babe! ;D

Askmewhats said...

No no no, don't get me wrong! I am JUST PLAIN LAZY when I travel as I want to travel light because I plan to shop more! But thanks for such a nice comment, great to start up the week sweetie :D

Eli said...

In Korea, solid lipsticks and balms fall under liquids too! But this was a few years ago though. Not sure about now...

I just carry some facial wipes, moisturiser and lip balm when I travel. And my toothbrush, of course. Forget makeup, I look like a zombie on my passport pic anyway.

Tine said...

Great tips! I never wear contact lenses when flying so I don't have to bother about removing them :P

I carry a facial mist with me for freshening up. Gotta be careful about spraying though, wouldn't want to kena the ones sitting beside you :P

Syen said...

Hey babe... Thanks for the great tips. I ALWAYS end up looking like a zombie when I travel. Gah.

Yes, will remember to slap on extra moisturiser, ma'am.

Kahani said...

Eli: I once had the customs guy eye my zombie face with specs, hold up my (far more groomed) passport photo next to it and squint at me. >_<

Tine: A lot of airlines now forbid aerosols. So it has to be a manual pump spritzer. I just forgo it altogether.

Syen: You mean you haven't been doing it? No wonder your skin gets upset!

Meldee said...

Love the tips Eli, thanks! Hehe when I flew to Aus I believe I had my thingo of Benetint and a tube of mascara to make me look more human and kissable to The Boy.

Also, Origins Peace of Mind is fantastic! As is Avene's thermal water for feeling fresh again.