July 14, 2009

Stage Floral Frenzy: Colours I've never played with before

This post epitomises the joy of being a beauty blogger. All that hard work, the dedication that makes you post even when youre life is in chaos and you're exhausted. It pays off when you're invited to try items like this. Items that you would never normally splurge on, but now have a chance to play with and have fun.

And have fun I DID. As Connie told me, it's pure therapy to just sit there and play with makeup. At the end of this post, with a different eye look on each eye, I looked like a confused pixie. BUT I was indeed happier. =D

The Floral Frenzy palette is part of Stage Cosmetics' Floral Fatale collection and the five shades are really very pretty. The pink and blue are shimmery and the orange, yellow and white are matte.

But here's the problem, I have never in my life used yellow or orange eyeshadow. EVER. So that this palette was sent to me to test is awesome because I got a chance to play. =D

The palette itself is beautiful. It reminds me of some of the palettes Stila has released in the past. It doesn't feel a solid as it looks though, which makes the overall packaging feel less posh than it looks.

The shades are quite pigmented, but still sheer. I'd recommend using them over an eye primer like MAC Paint Pots if you want the shades to pop. Orange and yellow are more pigmented than pink and blue, but well they're yellow. I'm yellow. It doesn't stand out!

Star product: Liquid Liner in Eucalyptus

This is Beetrice's favourite product out of the collection and I can see why! The liner is a lovely shade of metallic green with fine silver shimmer. Once dry it lasts quite well without smudging - I haven't worn it a full day yet as I can't see myself wearing a shimmery green liner all day at work. But I love it so, the time is nearing when I will TRY!

The brush is divine by the way. Fine, capable of laying down a precise line. Soft and yet you're fully in control. When my Revlon eyeliner runs out I'm going straight to stage and getting their black eyeliner!

I started out trying to make these wearable. But then started having so much fun I threw wearability to the winds and went to town on each eye.

Right eye: White as a base. Shimmery blue on the crease, pink on the lid, and 60's winged liner in shimmery green

Left eye: White as a base. Orange on the crease, yellow on the lid (it really IS there.. I'm just too yellow!), and cleopatra eyeliner in shimmery green.

I was surprised how much I liked this last look. It looks like something an autumn dryad would wear. So now I have the look, where's the fantasy convention? =D

Which look do you prefer?

To be totally honest, I would never have bought this palette, priced at RM135, for myself. But only because the colours are not practical. The quality of it is fantastic. I love impractical gifts though and this was a lovely pressie to brighten (geddit? geddit? my week). I'll keep playing with it and will use the shades individually with other looks. If you're looking for a palette of bright fun colours, this is definitely a great choice.

The liner on the other hand is heart-stoppingly gorgeous and a wonderful product. I would not only have bought this for myself, I plan to pick it up in practical black and brown too! At RM52 it is very reasonably priced compared to other premium brands.

See what Beetrice thought of the collection!


Askmewhats said...

wow such nice eye color! i don't know why but I thought about Shu Uemura right away! :)

LyNn said...

wow nice :)
wonder when will i get such treatment

anyway here's something for you and syen ;)

Jenn said...

Ahahaha... I thought of Shu Uemura too when i saw the colors!! :P

The green liner is seriously nice!! omg!!

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh! perhaps you could try yellow on the lid with orange in the crease?

hehe, lovely looks sweetie. The green liner looks amazing

Kahani said...

Nikki: Are they going through a brightly coloured floral phase too?

Lynn: Aww, just keep it up dear. It took So Loverly a year of almost daily posting (the key is to be regular) to get here.

Jenn: It is SO pretty isn't it?

Connie: Ooh! Compliments from the master herself. =D Actually I tried using yellow on the crease... and... you can't SEE it. I'm TOO yellow!

HealthyandBeauty said...

The green liner looks amazing...very very pretty

Tine said...

Wow on the green eyeliner. I could just imagine the lazy me just sweeping one colour on the lids, and finishing off with the eyeliner, which will make the eyes pop anyway :P

Connie De Alwis said...

That's why yellow on the lid so that it can contrast with the orange in the crease ;)

Eli said...

I kinda like the last look, very dryad-like indeed. All you have to do is stick on some leaves on strategic parts and go sit on a tree somewhere. =D

Palette packaging actually makes me think of Shu Uemara.

Meldee said...

Oh wow! So pretty! Loves it.

The top look is something I'd do, but the second look reminds me of guavas. Hm!

Kahani said...

healthyandbeauty: it is isn't it? *pats liner*

Tine: I should give that a try one day!

Connie... I see! Thank you SiFU!

Eli: tee hee... how risky is a halloween costume comprised entirely of leaves?

Meldee: *rotfl* have you been starving yourself again?