September 25, 2009

Inconclusive Review: Clinique Derma White Brightening City Block SPF40++

The hardest reviews are always on the products you can't decide if you love or hate. There are so many reasons to love this sunblock / moisturiser but just one or two near-fatal flaws make me teeter on a seesaw over whether or not I'd repurchase. Let me tell you what I think and you draw your own conclusions.

Formula (Love)
This lotion is tinted a skintone shade that I believe is to cancel out the white-out look that Titanium Dioxide (the main sunblock in this lotion) can give. Although not intended as a tinted moisturiser it does help even out my skintone somewhat and I find I use slightly less foundation after using this. It is lightweight and non-greasy which my oily skin loves, but ladies with dry skin may want to use a separate moisturiser.

Effects (love)
After 2 weeks of daily use I can already see my skintone brightening and evening out. Dark marks left by big pimples were fading, I was DELIGHTED. My skin looked so pretty. Yet it didn't make me look a scary white - just brighter and more even. Precisely what I want!

Breakouts / Clogged pores (Hate)
This is where I have some problems. It doesn't break me out badly or instantly but daily use does result in clogged pores that lead to smaller breakouts. So although my skin is more even in tone it isn't better in terms of clarity. I'm considering using this on alternate days, or using it for a few days and then giving my skin a cleansing mask and a break. It's not awful enough that I want to ditch it, but for me after all these years of fighting for clear skin, I don't want to endanger it!

Price (hate)
I have a sample tube of 7ml that's lasted me the 2 weeks and still has some more in it. I do use it quite sparingly and only on my face though. The fullsize tube of 30ml is RM130 though (I think, it could be RM160 - must check) so it isn't cheap. While I would happily shell out this amount if it kept my skin beeyootifully clear, I'm ambivalent about paying for something that may, in the long run, cause my skin to breakout.

What do you ladies think?


chaye said...

Anything that causes breakouts is an OUT. Thanks for the review.

beetrice said...

I have the Clinique City Block Sheer with SPF25 which retails for RM90 (40ml tube) although the price may have gone up since I bought it. That reminds me, I should go and do a proper review on it! :p

prettybeautiful said...

I used to have the clinique city block spf40, bought it from strawberrynet, it wasnt too oily, but also like yours, in a long run i actually found that it clogged my pores too. so.. in the end i just put it aside. i almost can't find anything that does not clog my pores :(

AskMeWhats said...

that's my only complaint, I'm just glad Clinique gives out cute samples when you purchase stuffs as the price really could scare anyone!

yani said...

I've tried this one, and didn't like it at all. For some weird reason, it peels off after it dries - and I don't have that problem with the City Block SPF40. This makes applying anything else over it a bit of a pain. Tried it a couple of times, and still the same. :p

Zwala said... Zwala...ive been to ur blog several times..but never had chance/time to post a comment.. :(

anyways..luv ur reviews..u gals are really doing a great work there.. :)