September 24, 2009

Kahani & Syen's Review: L'Oreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss Light Caring Range

When I saw this version of the lovely L'Oreal "pink range" I sat up and paid attention. I love the hair mask and have used the original range but found it too heavy for my very fine straight hair. It does smell lovely and makes my hair very shiny though. So getting the same benefits but in a lighter formula sounded amazing!

So, how did it work out?

This really is meant for greasy hair, the shampoo cuts through grease and is almost clarifying. I haven't had the need to clarify my hair since I started using this shampoo 3 weeks ago.

I find that a little goes a long way and if I feel my hair's really greasy I just leave it in a little longer.

The shampoo is quite volumnising simply by leaving your hair light and not weighed down by silicones. However if your hair is prone to frizziness, you may like an additional smoothing serum.

I'm unsure how I feel towards the condi. It's very very light and does smooth my hair and make it shiny. But I feel that my dry ends could use a little more TLC.

Also because it's so light I'm tearing through it at an alarming speed. So when I have run out of condi I will try the one from the regular pink range.

Light, fruity and tangy the scent is truly lovely and one of the best points about this version. The regular range is sweeter and more perfumey in comparison. With my love of citrus I of course prefer the light version - even though it isn't exactly straightup citrus.

At about RM16 per 250ml I find the range pricier than my other favourite shamp and condi - Dove Anti Breakage Formula. I will wait to test the shampoo with the regular condi before concluding which I prefer, but at present I'm leaning towards making Dove my staple once again.

Syen's two-cents worth: Now that Kahani has given you quite the low-down on the shampoo and conditioner, I'll just be adding my experience on the product. I've only ever tried the shampoo from this range, so I can't quite comment on the conditioner.

About two years ago, I tried the original shampoo formulation.The shocking pink bottle had promised to keep my locks gorgeous and shiny, and I was fell for it hook, line and sinker. The shampoo did deliver soft, shiny hair after shampooing - if only for a quite a few happy hours. To my dismay, the rich formulation had proved too much for my oily scalp. I like to wash my hair at the end of the day (on alternate days), and frighteningly, my hair would be oily and limp by the next afternoon. That just simply will not do.

So, after I (finally) crawled through a bottle, I never bothered repurchasing. Until a few weeks ago, when Kahani pointed out the new Lite formula.

I've been using it rather regularly since, and I find it so much better for my hair than the old formula. One wash can now last me through all almost-two days up till the next wash with my hair still feeling rather fresh. Paired with my beloved John Frieda conditioner, or the original pink hairmask, (which I have also come to love greatly) my hair is unbelievably soft and shiny. Seriously. Awesome.

So will I be repurchasing this? At this point, I'll be waiting until I finish up the bottle first, but I have a strong feeling that I might just will.


Askmewhats said...

the mask is my favorite but this shampoo and conditioner combo gave me the dandruff! I guess because it is really meant for greasy hair :)

plue said...

i do love to use the lite shampoo for clarifying purposes, hehe.

used the original, haven't gave me much problems other than shiny hair! i have not tried the mask, but I guess I should.

oh dear, my hair stuff are pilling again...

Paris B said...

Yup I agree with Nikki - I used this and whilst the shampoo was nice (my scalp felt squeaky clean) I needed a stronger conditioner. So I gave mine away

Jenn said...

Yeah the shampoo cleans really well!! Me likey!! :D

Meldee said...

Argh! Syen! Evil! Or kind? Haha. You know I'm in need of shampoo...brace yourself for a pharmacy run!

Syen said...

Nikki: For greasy girls like me and Kahani, it's all looooove. *tee hee* To a certain extent anyway. =)

Plue: Likewise, likewise (on the piling bit)! =P

Paris: I haven't tried the condi, but I think I won't bother. I'm using it with my other condis. It's great! =)

Jenn: Yay! =)

Meldee: Muahahahaha... Sure! When? =P