September 14, 2009

Monday's Beauty BIts

Hello ladies, happy Monday! This is my first Bits after a while, and I seem to be cracking my head for Bits to share with you girls. So do bear with me if seem to be a-rambling on.

For all MAC fans out there, you should be happy to note that MAC Springsheen blush is BACK! I walked into MAC yesterday, looking for Style Snob (a lovely taupe-ish shadow I've been eyeing), and walked out with definitely MORE than I had intended to buy. Anyhoo, what really caught my eye was a blush named Springsheen, which was previously said to have been discontinued. It's official, ladies. Springsheen is back. Huzzah! *cough Kahani cough*

Next stop at Watson's, I spotted a new range of many many Maybelline Watershine lipsticks (18, I believe). Boo factor, though, there are no testers at all. So if you want testers, hop over to Sasa. They don't have all the shades, but enough to give you a good idea of how the lipsticks are. I swatched them, and I'm in loooove. They're sheer but with a gorgeous sheen. And they currently sell for less than RM20 in Watson's. I waaant!

After reading The Balm's Shady Lady palette from Pretty Beautiful, I had to run over to Sasa (in Mid Val) to check it out. I hadn't intended to buy the palette, but upon swatching, I caved. The texture is gorgeous and the colours are so beautifully pigmented. For RM120, it's a real steal. However, Sasa in Mid Val only has the Shady Lady and Bahama Mama (the bronzer). But Kahani tells me that the other blushers are available in Selective Sasa in 1 Utama. So, when are we meeting up there? =P

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