September 15, 2009

Warning: Terrible experience with Lush Serendipity Blogshop

So ladies here's the reason behind my Guide to Blogshops post. I have had a very infuriating and negative experience with popular blogshop, Lush Serendipity. By all accounts it's a popular and well run blogshop, but to my surprise the owner who goes by "Grace", "Shen", and "May Jern" is dishonest, unpleasant and downright nasty. She's also terribly clueless about consumer rights.

Here's my tale of woe:

On Aug 29 I ordered a pair of black flat "satin" shoes from her site in size 37, they retail at RM35 + RM8 postage. The transaction was effortless and pleasant, but when I received my shoes a few days later, the right side was a size 36 while the left was a 37.

"No problem!" thought I. Mistakes happen and are easily rectified. I gave her mobile a buzz and she, while sounding oddly disinterested and unapologetic (she did say "sorry" I think, but her heart wasn't in it). We agreed to meet up at The Curve the next day in the late afternoon and swap my size 36 for a size 37.

That Saturday (Sep 4) I dropped her a message at 4pm reminding her of our meeting and the agreed-upon swap. No reply.

I go to the mall, and try calling her. She doesn't answer, and doesn't respond to my SMS. I call her a few more times and she never answers. I get home and leave her an email, and no reply. She stood me up.

At this point I'm not exactly angry I'm just annoyed. But you know, stuff happens and maybe she has no internet access or her phone got stolen. Who knows right?

Then she sends out an email and her site updates. Immediately I write her another email, leave a comment on her site, call her and drop her sms's. Again absolutely NO reply or contact from her. But her site updates again. Clearly, she has internet access.

I would like to point out that while I was firm and stated my annoyance with her, I was never rude and even assured her that if her reasons were good I would forgive and forget.

I got frustrated enough to email the lovely girl running A Shopaholics Den asking if she made announcements on her site because I could not get this girl to reply. She said she knew her personally and would see what she could do.

Immediately I get an sms from "Grace". "Hey sorry had probs past few dats, can we meet tmrw?"

Apology? Not enough by half. I try giving her a call but she doesn't answer so I message back, "I don't think so. I'm working and tomorrow is a full day. Email me and we can discuss this."

Grace: Then when r u able to make it?

By this point I'm very annoyed. She has not had personal troubles to a point where she can't reply my messages and emails. If you can update your blog, you can email. And the implication that I'm being difficult is just too much.

To me, all I wanted to do was get rid of the shoes, get back my money and forget all about this child who has no business running a shop. "I was able to make it over the past 3 days, I was there saturday as prearranged" I pointed out and asked her to meet me at my office (near the curve), take back her shoes and refund my money,

Grace: All sales r refunds.just give me ur add n i'l mail it to u.

Me: All sales are final if you actually sell me what I wanted. I gave you a chance to make this right with no penalties and you didn't honour your end. For obvious reasons the shoes have never been worn. Just take them back and return my money.

Grace: Excuse me.who r u to give me d attitude?no way m i refunding.u just give me ur add!

ME? Attitude? And I might add that any decent blogshop owner would KNOW the add she sent my things to.

So I replied, "I am an adult in full cognizance of my rights as a consumer. You made a mistake in the order. You stood me up. you failed to make contact or apologize. You have not provided adequate reasons nor accepted responsibility as a store owner." I pointed out that if I were to take her to consumer claims she would be at fault and as I never received the goods I purchased the transaction was incomplete and thus not "final".

Grace: Give me ur add.period.

I agreed to email her my delivery address but decide to be fair and warn her that I do run blogs and will review my negative experience of her. If she does choose to do the right thing and refund my money then I will consider the issue closed and may not choose to write her up.

Grace: Dere's no need to threaten me as I'm very connected w public figures working s dat's de end to it. i wil post out tmw.thx

I'll admit I laughed. I pointed out (gently I thought) that technically she'd commited transaction fraud by selling me goods I did not pay for. Also I wasn't giving her a threat, I was warning her that I felt she was someone who others should be aware of. Finally I told her that if she chose to post out the shoe she was not getting the size 36 she sent me as there was no way I'd incur further postage cost or trouble on my part.

So that's the story ladies. I received my replacement size 37 on Thursday and have not heard from her since. She chose not to honour my request.

As blogshops are built on trust and consumer service I believe Lush Serendipity has failed on both counts. I think that had I not contacted A Shopaholics Den, she would simply have avoided me and never bothered to correct her error.

I would love your comments on this and if I've been unreasonable in anyway I'd like your opinions. But if you agree with me, I encourage you to repost this on your web blogs and warn your friends away from Lush Serendipity. Believe me, no one needs this kind of drama.


Amelia Yap said...

more needs to be done about errant sellers like her!
There are too many on the web now, spoils the experience of shopping online :(

Vonvon said...

Wow!!!! Not because I am amazed but I am just as annoyed as you, if not more, when I read your horrible experience with that blogshop! I remember reading some feature on this particular blogshop in the papers or something! How could a so-called blogshop that has been featured in the Press behave in such a manner?? Thank you for highlighting this issue.

naniacollection said...

I also hv bad experince with online seller, worst part my goods never been replace as mention on their post. I lost almost RM300.00 due the postage and damaged goods.

Worst part evertime i call, been cut off then when i msg, no reply same going with email.

I very dissapointed with d service. Bad, bad, bad service.

At least u are lucky to get ur replacement.

Mine, gone with the wind already.

Vonvon said...

Just want to add.....I hardly want to do any online shopping in Malaysia. And hubby always gives me full warning that DON'T EVER do any online shopping in Malaysia esp when it comes to online payment. He thinks online payment system here is very insecure. Hence, even when I decide to order something online, I'd prefer to ask for the account # of the blogshop owner so that I can bank the money in directly, instead of paying online and have the card details given to a 3rd party.

Of course, by depositing the money, there's no guarantee I will receive my goods....but at least, I have one less thing to worry about which is more important, securing my card info.

Anonymous said...

ive never tried shopping online because i think its hard for me to trust people that easily...and because things like this happen...

Lisa Kate said...

That's really messed up. Especially for a blogshop that has gotten press before! Generally, I don't mind buying things offline if it's through Paypal since it's very easily corrected if the seller doesn't ship or send you the right item.

I'm glad you wrote this post. It's nice to see people writing both the bad and good about things. Blogs aren't magazines, we don't have to always be nice!

Plus, I have to say, her HORRIBLE "text" speak made it even worse. Can't she even pretend to be a professional? "I'm very connected w public figures working s lawyers" .... Yeah, I can tell you are well educated.

Eli said...

That's an awful experience. But I chuckled when I read the "connected w public figures working s lawyers" bit though because I could just imagine the look on your face and... well, it's you. I bet you could make Uncle Screwtape cry.

I think she acted unreasonably to a reasonable request. Plus, all those delays! She was obviously trying to dodge the bullet.

I tried googling her up and didn't find any reviews EXCEPT for a slightly odd post on MalaysianBabes asking for info on a dress as the person did not want to buy from LS "for personal reasons". Hmm. One wonders..

Janice said...

by just reading at ur post already make me feel damn annoyed. def going to boycott this blogshop and warn my fellow frens and readers... this is no way that she even sound as if she's the right 1.. gah!

prettybeautiful said...

totally unacceptable! thank u for sharing with us emily.

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

This ppl are really ignorance! They at least have to show the professionalism in this online shopping biz! If this continue, online shopping will never be like US! In US, you can just shop without worries and it's money guarantee back within 14 days after you received the goods or even if you do not like what u have purchased, it is also refundable! Unlike here, everything also they said it's final, even though they adv original products but eventually sent you the fake 1!

As i had this bad experience too! Paying for ori and get fakey stuffy!!

Kahani said...

Oh my, thanks for all the support ladies! *hugs everyone*

Amelia: Exactly, most sellers are really very lovely and deserve your patronage. But sellers like this are awful!

VonVon: That's what shocked me. She's well known and popular. Maybe she started out ok and let her popularity go to her head. I pay mostly with As I use an account that doesn't hold the bulk of my cash I don't feel too unsafe about it. Not all M'sian sellers are bad dear, some are truly lovely and it's great to enjoy the local shipping for once! =)

Naniacollection: I'm so sorry dear! This is why I'm doing this, not just to warn people but to teach blogshop owners a lesson about customer service.

jeen said...

I used to buy clothes online too. Thankfully i never came across such an unpleasant seller, but the cheap thrills have worn off and i prefer to see and try out clothes before i purchase them now.
I've heard negative stories about this seller before. You may find this website useful although it's no longer active:

It carries testimonials re:various blogshops, both the good and bad

Kahani said...

Anon: Not always. While I don't appreciate the drama I was careful not to spend more than I can afford to lose. And once in awhile you find a truly wonderful seller and strike up a friendship =)

Lisa Kate: Thanks dear, I think M'sians should speak up more so sellers, online and off, don't think they have a right to treat us badly. I have to admit, I deliberately replicated her text speak because it annoyed me SO MUCH. Pedantic I know but it's so terribly childish.

Eli: Really? I googled her and found her site mentioned on several shopping sites including Tongue in Chic. hahaha! Actually I really did burst out laughing at that one. Ish woman you seriously think you can scare me with that?

irenekay said...

check out this blog. They used to run this site called where both seller and buyer could share their good and bad experience of buying online. Maybe you can share your stories here... :)

Kahani said...

Janice: Thanks for your support!

PrettyB: Thanks sweetie.

Candygal: I think experiences like bloggers warning others away from her shop may teach her to be more professional. It's not all worry-free in the US, but because consumers are more demanding I believe they receive better service. Aww... I'm sorry you have had that experience. It is really hard to tell the diff between ori and fake online so unless it's a very reputable seller I wouldn't risk it myself.

Jenn said...

What horrible service!! So very rude too!! I feel so angry for you!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Jessying said...

Some ppl are ignorant and think we are idiot. If they are not sincere in doing business wan continue doing so, I believe they would not survive in this society which are so conscious about our consumer rights. Thanks so sharing.

p/s: so what she is so connected with public figures, wrong means wrong! U are connected to the biosphere which is more powerful! She will be sorry for her attitude, action and arrogant !

Blogger rocks!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

that's awful... this is the reason why I don't like to do online shopping... we never know who is that seller even they are reputable blogshop owner... I can understand your feeling, it's frustrated when people don't answer you and you know they are in guilt... sometimes we don't expect they to be dramatic kneel down and say sorry but just a sincere apologize, which seems pretty hard for them to achieve that.

Ida said...

that's terrible customer service. and i think if i'd been stood up like that i would've been furious! she could have at least just granted your request for a refund after that! :(

LoveMeCrazy said...

This is just so so bad....I never would have thought that would happen.

MDB said...

Oh shuck !! That's really bad :(
I myself have been selling online for 5yrs and I do know that customer service is very very important as they are the ones that keep ME ALIVE! I feel for you as I too had my share of bad experience as a buyer. But I still buy online as there are more GOOD sellers compared to bad ones I guess. Thanks for sharing :) Glad to know u got ur shoes. And yes.. I too had a good laugh at her last response. Geezz !!!

Syen said...

Great post babe! That's what the blogosphere is about, where you review based on your personal experience. It's just unfortunate, that in this particular case, the experience sucked.

Frankly, we understand that transactions can have hiccups, which is acceptable to a certain point. But to have such horrid customer service is just not acceptable. Thanks for the warning, and heads up.

LyNn said...

hey kahani.
apparently lush serendipity has been painted with a snob owner.
there's been complain about this blogshop.
you can see it here
i think that you should also write to fashion truth because that blog site was started to mediate complains to blog shop owners.
as far as i know, many online shoppers read those comments before making their purchases.
it would be good to let people know how awful their services are.

it is bad enough to make a mistake.
it's even worst when you dont admit it.
making only a total fool of yourself for standing towards something which is indeed wrong.

Kahani said...

Jeen, Irene and Lynn, thanks for your tips dears I've written in to them!

Jenn: Thanks sweetie!

Jessying: LOL Go blogger powah!

Syn:Exactly, just one decent apology and I'd have given her a second chance. And frankly would it have been so awful to return my money and get back a pair of shoes you can resell? How is this a better route?

Ida: I was furious. But I'm past it now, why let someone so worthless spoil my day? =)

Kahani said...

Lovemecrazy: I think I got off quite lightly dear. There are real horror stories out there!

MDB: Don't worry I still love online sellers. One bad egg won't spoil the whole basket for me. I'm glad you're so conscious of customer service. And frankly I don't expect sellers to ever bend over backwards for me as they're people trying to make a living too. But honesty and courtesy is all that's needed sometimes.

Syen: Thanks for the support dearie.

Lynn: she does seem pretty awful!

Ghost said...

Hey Kahani

Been on hols for a couple of weeks so I'm catching up on your posts, but I couldn't believe what that woman did.

I'm so sorry to hear about your boggle of a situation which in no way was your fault as she was making out. I hate when good people get treated like that, and the other person clearly didn’t give a dam!!! Common courtesy, manners and reliability escape some people.

Miu said...

wow.. wrong shoe size and stood u up and refusal to refund.. i could only think of 2 things, she really needs the money and/or she wants to be strict but yet she was unapologetic or did not try you calm u down..with what happen..

Linda said...

I had a very bad experience with another blogshop owner too. I paid around RM200 for some pre-order stuff, and she seems nice and helpful. However, she disappeared totally during the time i'm supposed to receive my clothes. She's switched off her phone, doesn't reply to my emails, and posted an "update" on her website where they claimed she's currently hospitalised and will refund immediately to those who had paid. You can check out her website here:

That was 3 months ago, and to date, i have not received any refund or emails from her. I'm beyond pissed at her. So, no more pre-order stuff for me!

Tiny Tapir said...

that sucks! sorry this happened to you, but at least you have a complete pair of shoes now. (+ one spare?!)

abby said...

i wonder why some people do that. don't they have any ethics in them? it really sucks to get this sort of treatment. especially when it isn't your fault! so inconsiderate. i rally wonder how people like this can run a business.

thankfully i have not run into such types so far. i hope everyone continues to share their experiences so others may also benefit from this knowledge.

good thing you got that other side.

Music said...

Horrible experience! Some people don't realize that they won't get more business if they ruin their own reputation. Bad move on their side.

Nasa said...

eeek! I featured her once in a story about uni bazaars :(

Andrea said...

Wow that's so bad that she did that, Some people can be so rude! I just had a bad online shopping experience myself, I ordered some Shu Uermura eyelash curlers and when they came they were quite obviously fake named curlers, and didn't even have the genuine shu uermura curler pads in it, the ones it had were really thin and didn't even fit the curler properly! So annoying! I'm still waiting for a refund!

evon t said...

well, that's pretty bad .
i tot an apology would do .
but there's no point in it when she's not honest with the apologies nor the transactions.

she's black listed (:

Kahani said...

Eek sorry for the long non-response ladies. Just kept meaning to and getting delayed...

Ghost: Aww thanks for your support dear. I must say that my time in Europe has opened my eyes to what custoemr service SHOULD be. M'sia is somewhat deprived in that respect.

Miu: I think she was just behaving like a spoilt brat. I wasn't outraged or rude, but she was clearly unreasonable. Thanks for your support!

Linda: Ouch! Thanks for the alert! So sorry this happened to you. =( Hope you do get repaid eventually.

TinyTapir: hahah yes! So if I want to I can still play cinderella but have both shoes on my feet...

Abby: She's just too immature to be running a business. If she keeps this up she will very likely run into even more trouble than she has with me.

Music: It is silly right? If she'd treated me fairly she'd either have a loyal customer or at the very minimum I wouldn't be posting negative reviews like this. Ish.

Kahani said...

Nasa: hahah yes I read it! Well it's not like you would know right?

Andrea: Oh dear I'm so sorry that happened to you. Hope you get that refund. How awful!

evon t: Glad my review has saved you what could be a really bad experience. Thanks for the support!

Suhana said...

wat a bad experience eh.. I almost wanted to order something from her this morning. luckily I didnt..she does give me an impression she is not a very customer oriented person. I asked a long question, and she gave me a one liner. If she were to elaborate more, I would have bought it, for the sake of good customer service assistance. oh well, she screwed her ownself..
thanks a lot for the highlight. at least now we know which shop to eliminate to avoid further frustration.

Anonymous said...

i nearly bought something from her today but luckily i didn't.
Sorry to hear about your bad experience dear, i hope this never happens to you again with other blogshops.. :)

and thanks for pointing this out to everyone, it helps alot.

keep up the good work babe! :)

onesweetinsanity said...

omg. i've read bad reviews on this seller at Fashion Truth but this is truly horrible!!!! she conducted herself in such an unprofessional manner.. thank God not all blogshop owners are like her if not they'll alienate all their customers!! seriously, she sounds super childish and immature about the matter. why can't people just admit it when they make mistakes?

Lin said...

That's a really bad experience.... =( Good for you that you kept pressuring her, or else she might have gotten away with neither refunding nor replacing the shoes!

The weird thing about the seller is that it's almost like she has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. I've bought from her online twice and once at a bazaar. My first impression of her was that she's really arrogant and rude, and she kept changing the time of the COD. This happened on both occasions.

Not too long ago at a bazaar though, she was uncharacteristically pleasant and helpful. Gave me a shock, as I had boycotted her shop after reading all the horror stories on Fashion Truth. I thought she had finally taken all the complaints to heart and changed her ways, but I guess not.

butterbrownie said...

im so sorry to hear about ur bad experience. I am addicted to online shopping, and it is so sad to know some blogshop owners are doing this, tainting other honest blogshop owners. anyway, i always do my shopping here the seller, veron is VERY consumer oriented. the last time i bought something, i wanted to change it last minute and she was really nice about it. Altho, she did take some time to reply text messages and email. But not that long..She will reply in the same day or two. Anyway, so sorry your online shopping experience is horrible since online shopping is very convenient. Hope you will have a pleasant experience next time. Take care.

Sarah said...

Hey kahani im really sorry to hear about such a selfish and disgraceful online seller. Kudos to you for posting this entry to warn us all.

for me i had a pleasant online shopping experience with and also they are both very nice owners with excellent customer service.

better luck for you next time =)

Vanilla said...

omg thats so annoying !
i wanna slap her in the face !grrrr

Emily said...

I was shocked to read of such horrible service! Did a google search and lo, behold! I found many websites complaining about the same thing. Lush Serendipity has made a name for itself with its horrible customer service.

I for one love online shopping. So far have not been cheated by any blog sellers. I tend to write a couple emails back and forth with the blog seller before committing to buying something from them just to see how they respond to you. Gives me a general idea of how they treat their customers, that sort of thing.

One particular seller, was outstanding. Prompt reply to emails, very friendly and honest. I've bought a couple of things from her so far and I have no complaints. One time something did arrive later than it should (a 4 day delay) and before I could even write to her to ask, she had emailed me first to apologize. Turned out she was tracking the package daily and realized it hadnt arrived. She even followed up with an extra freebie, which I thought was very kind of her, though completely unnecessary.

Makes me wonder how people running LS can live with themselves pulling this kind of crap!

GG said...

lols. she's obviously not connected with public figures unless you consider her being connected to her mom as one. notice she mentioned lawyers, well that's because her mom is one.

how her blog got posted in the press, well, lo and behold, her mom helped her out. yay.

nn said...

very sorry about your bad experience. ive read about LS in other blogs as well. it got bad rep for sure!