October 13, 2009

Zits be Gone: Aknemycin Plus Solution

I have never had great skin. There are the bad days and then there are the good days, but there have never been great days.

Several months prior to my wedding, my skin was bad. Various options of came to mind, including visiting a skin specialist, or even taking hormone pills to control the break-outs, to ensure that I would get that flawless canvas in time.

Thankfully, however, thanks to the combination of these two products + Clarins facials + Aknemycin Plus (which was recommended by a doctor), my skin was at its best behaviour. Excellent.

Aknemycin Plus is a topical ointment, which can be applied directly from the 25ml bottle through its sponge head. On its list of active ingredients are erythromycin (4%)and tretinoin (0.025%).

A quick check on the Net found that erythromycin is indeed a very commonly used antibiotic for acne, and acne vulgaris, as it has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness in lesions, in addition to killing bacteria.

In my case, I found that when applied to a formed pimple, or one which is only just forming, it instantly soothes the pain and itch, and reduces the redness. Applied over two or three days at night before bedtime, the pimple eventually shrivels up and disappears.

As for pimples which are just forming, they never quite even make it to be troublemakers. Perfect.

On the down side, where applied, this ointment does cause the skin to dry up as well, leading to flaky skin. But with sufficient moisturiser, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Since discovering aknemycin, I must say that I have happier skin, and it has certainly lessened my pimplish woes.

A little note from a pharmacist friend of mine though. Apparently, prolonged use over large areas of the face will cause the medication to lose its effectiveness. As it's essentially an antibiotic, she suggested it could well be because the bacteria may well develope a resistance against the drug.

But in any case, until that day comes for me, I'm a happy girl.

PS: Apologies on the lack of a price tag. I really can't remember as it was purchased from a panel clinic.


~Lisa said...

Oh, Glad that this is working for you. I'm just in my beginning stages of acne so I'll push this off until the day it gets more severe. But I'll definitely keep this in mind

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prettybeautiful said...

so good? man i get really bad breakouts sometimes, will keep this in mind if i ever need it :)

Rey said...

I have actually tried this before. Different brand, same active ingredients. It worked pretty well but for some odd reason started making my eyes water after about a year, so I stopped.

But it was pretty cheap as I recall...about RM20-30 for a bottle lasting 6 months.

LyNn said...

you make me feel like running out and grab this.
only problem is i have no idea where its available. :(

Meldee said...

Random. Mr M is dreadfully allergic to erythromycin!

A little tip, I think the BEST CURE I've ever had for pimples is--wait for it--bedak sejuk, or rice powder. It goes on a bit lumpy, but leave it on overnight and let it dry, and you'll wake up the next day with a fizzled-out zit.

I swear by it! Used to nick my gran's supply, but we're all out. Need more, think Herbs n' Food sells it.

Syen there's a HnF in Taipan next to Guardian and Watsons...o_O

Syen said...

~Lisa and prettybeautiful: Sounds good! =)

Rey: Aww noo... too bad it doesnt work for you. But hope you've found something that does?

Meldee: Ok, it's a no-no for you then. LOL. Don't want Mr M sneezing and wheezing around you, do you? And ooooh... bedak sejuk?? I remember my granny used to have bottle of it too. No idea where it is now tho. And ALL THE MORE REASON TO WALK TO TAIPAAAAN!!!!!

Meldee said...

Well my loverly girl, are we on this weekend then? :P

Lemonade said...

after applying this product, does ur skin peel and itch?? and does it sting ur skin whenever u apply it??

Yasmin T. said...

Hi I have been using this product for over 4 years now and I know it can do wonders to ones skin. I moved to the states couple years ago and I am running out of the supplies I brought from Germany. I was wondering if anyone knows of an online site or a store in California that carries this product. Thanks Yasmin

Unknown said...

I'm using the product, my limples are getting smaller, but the redness isn't going away so fast... Will I end up with red, flat scars?