October 12, 2009

Singapore Confessions & a look at Hourglass Cosmetics

It is shocking, truly shocking the amount of financial damage you can do when you're stressed. One working day-trip to Singapore (for an F1 event), one mall (Takashimaya), two shops (Watsons & Sephora), and 1.5 hours makes for SGD$100 in damages. Ouch.

Watsons (Damage ~SGD$60)
1. 2 Nivea Pink Grapefruit Balms - $6.50 for 2
2. 2 Clean & Clear Pink Grapefruit Blotters - $10 for 2
3. Clean & Clear Powder Blotters LE - $6.50
4. 2 Insolia Shoe Inserts - $13.50 each
5. Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Balm in Mint - ~$5
6. Nexcare Microfibre Face Towel
- ~$5
7. Juice Organics Lip Plumping Gloss (Free Sample Kit) - $10

Sephora (Damage - $42)

I had decided to spend SGD$100 on myself (and not buying anymore cosmetics for the rest of the month) and so after Watsons I went into Sephora to see what I could snag for that price and wandered right into the clutches of Hourglass Cosmetics makeup artist, Michael Pierce who was in Singapore just for that weekend to promote the new counter in Sephora, Singapore.

Michael proved truly lovely and I suspect he was rather grateful to find someone who had heard of Hourglass cosmetics - and heard great things. I was wavering over their expensive but legendary gloss, Extreme Sheen when he swayed me by loading me down with samples to try and a full-sized eyeliner that was about the same price as the gloss - $42.

Yes that's my justfication for going crazy and splurging RM100 on one gloss. I've never done this before. Even the naked man gloss wasn't this pricey. But it IS a really nice gloss and Angelina Jolie loves it. And if it's good enough for Angie's pout...


Now about Hourglass cosmetics, it's a high-priced line with a select range of cosmetics that are high quality. No MAC-style releases with this line. All shades are very flattering, all formulas are cutting edge and sophisticated, and each capsule collection is designed to make you look pretty, not arty. Packaging is lush, solid and very very pretty. Founded by Carissa Jane, the line is cruelty free and packed with natural ingredients so the makeup almost amounts to skincare. I can't wait to review the goodies I've got! I've already cracked open the gloss (of course) and liner and love them both to bits. Pity I'll very probably never be able to afford them again. *sighs*

On the plus side, even though the prices are high the prices in Singapore are much the same as the prices in the US. None of us like paying the huge markups lines like Benefit, Smashbox, and Clinque exact from their Asian consumers. So at least you're paying a fair price.

Standby for reviews!


Tine said...

Sweet haul! :P

vanilla said...

haha watson is a little heaven !lol
kinda dissapointed that the sephora is super tiny

plue said...

oops! me didn't notice the nivea pink grapefruit lipbalm tho! but the C&C pink grapefruit blotters, it used to be here, but somehow they just pull it out :(

beetrice said...

I know what I'm going to be making a bee-line for when I'm in Spore this weekend!! :D good haul!

Meldee said...

Jeaaaalous! And LOL woman you're not gonna have to buy those Pink Grapefruit Nivea lipbalms for the next few years, unless you EAT the ones you have now!

Eli said...

LIPBALM OVERLOAD. I agree with Mel; you can probably eat them grapefruit lipbalms as dessert for the next few years.

Petra said...

I want to see your gloss ingredients, can? What naked man? :)

Julianne said...

I can't believe Hourglass is in the Sephora in Singapore! I thought they were my little undiscovered secret! I LOVE the entire line!