October 09, 2009

Cheapie & Goodie: H&M Blush in Tawny Rose

Geez. It's been a while since I've talked about my pet subject hasn't it? It certainly seems that way to me. What are we talking about?

Blush. Of course.

So today I'm going to introduce you to a little cheapie but goodie blush that I picked up in H & M, while romping about in Greece. Oooh.. what fun!

I had zoomed in on Sephora, but then H & M was the store just before it, so I thought, "Ah, why the heck not?", and walked in with not much of an intention to buy anything. I really, really wasn't planning to spend much time in the store anyway, so I zoomed straight for their little makeup corner. Just a quick little browse through, ya know.

But things never quite turn out the way you think, do they? Which was how I ended up walking out with a blush, a bronzer, and ... oh right, I've told you all this before. =P

Aneeeway, on to the blush.

Called tawny rose, it's a lovely rose shade, even if it leans towards the warm spectrum of things. Although, from some angles, it even looks like it leans towards coral, doesn't it?

Pigment wise, it's just about right and shows up on my NC25 skin with ease. Two swipes with my MAC #129 gives me a natural glow. Three swipes if I want to make it pop just a little more. Go ahead with four swipes if you're on clown duty.

As for its texture, this finely-milled blush is sturdy enough for me to swipe my brush on its surface, as opposed to some really soft blushers, like say Stila or Cargo. Those I can only touch or dab my brush against.

In terms of packaging, it comes in the typical H & M minimalist casing with a see-through lid. All the better to see the shade, my dear. While I'm not too fussed up with its casing, what I do like about it is that it's really slim (at 11mm. Yes, I measured). All the better to stuff it into my already-stuffed makeup bag.

And oh, did I say it was still on my face in the evening after work? It stayed on all through my rounds of (careful) blotting. Impressive.

(Okay, so not to mislead anyone, this blush was freshly applied to show what it looks like on me. This was with two swipes. With my current fave lipbalm - Nivea Star Fruits in Strawberry. And oooh, shiny hair! LOL.)

For €3.95 (~ RM20), I really do think that this little 7.2g blush is definitely worth your buck. Small and portable, cheap and works great. What's not to love?

Oh right. We don't have it here in Malaysia. Dang.


~Lisa said...

I never knew H&M sells cosmetics!! Gotta go check out my H&M soon. Hope it's available in Canada. And nice photo! I love how shiny your hair is. LOL And I love the Nivea lip balm too!!! [Pssst, I'm NC25 too! LOL, now I know this blush shall work for me!]


Kahani said...

Ooh pretty piccy! =D

Askmewhats said...

First of all, we don't have H&M..too bad...(but I heard we will have one store open up soon), and secondly, no H&M makeup! And if we have, it won't come cheap! So you are one lucky girl! :) love the blush though, it looks like a NARS blush :)

Jenn said...

Very nice lah!! Really cheap and good! If only malaysia has H&M!!

And your hair is really shiny!! share your secret!! hehehe!! :D

LyNn said...

you're hair looks fab.
what did you do? :P
i dont know why but somehow this blush reminds me of rimmel's blush.
hmm. :\

Meldee said...

You know what, I totally agree with Lynn! I have that almost exact shade of blush from Rimmel, called Dusty Rose (I think). Smell a dupe? :P

Eli said...

Nice pic and your hair looks fab.

Hmm, the blush actually reminds me of this other blush I have from Face of Australia called Outback Primrose... Yet another dupe?

Syen said...

~Lisa: Hehe.. now you know! I'm pretty sure it should work for you. =P

Kahani: Thank youu! =)

Nikki: Gah. I hear you woman. We don't have H&M here too, although I did hear a rumour that it might be coming over. But then, it's just a rumour. Boo.

Syen said...

Jenn: Thanks! Secret? I don't have a secret. None that I haven't shared anyway. =P Just shampoo, conditioner (with the occasional mask) and finish it with Frederic Fekkai's Olive Glossing Cream, which you can read here. . Loves it!

Lynn: Really? Ooh. I'm not too familiar with Rimmel. I should go check them out. =P

Meldee: Ooh. Maybe we can meet one day and swipe each on each cheek and see if they're the same. *tee hee*

Eli: Ooooh! Do do post on it one day?

Petra said...

You look lovely, Lisa.

:: Galadriel Lund :: said...

But now they have remade all the line. Do you know which one is the 17. Tawny Rose please?