December 18, 2009

Stage's Burlesque Ball Wonderkiss Lipcrème

Ho Ho Ho everyone! Christmas is really just round the corner now isn't it? Next week! And my Christmas shopping isn't even done! *Eek*

But nevermind my shopping (I'll be running around the malls as you're reading this today *tee hee*), today I want to introduce you to two Stage Cosmetics lipsticks that I've been given to try out.

Enter Stage's Burlesque Ball Wonderkiss Lipcrème, from their holiday collection.

If you've been following our blog, you'll know that Kahani and I love lip products from Stage. From their formulas, to finishes, it's one thing they've definitely gotten down pat.

And these Wonderkiss cream lipsticks are no different. I received two shades - Swoon (left) and Amuse (right). And they come in such Christmassy red tubes too! Pretty!

Stage says: Wonderkiss Lipcrème is the ultimate lip indulgence when it comes to color, intensity and luxurious care. Wonderkiss is formulated with a unique gel formulation combined with a spherical powder pigment which provides the most intense pure color coverage. Contains hydrating Apple Seed Oil so lips are soft, smooth and pampered. Vitamin E helps defy age and prevent the appearance of fine lines.

Swoon is a cream-finish pink nude which goes on a wee bit lighter than my actual lip colour. On my lips they appear a light pink.

Amuse, on the other hand, is a slightly metallic brown-bronze shade. I didn't expect it to turn out quite so bright on my lips though! (Note: Both lipsticks were paired with Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Bronzer in Maui *glee*)

Both go on super creamy and feel really comfortable on my lips. As with their Wonderlust cousins, I really have no complaints about these two.

You can also have a look at Paris and Connie's take on the cream lippies.

So if you like what you're seeing better run to Stage while the holiday collections are still out. You can pick these up for RM50 each.

Have a great weekend girls! =D


xannon said...

Thanks for the information~~ :D

amuse is nice!!:D

im looking for lipstick in peach undertone or mix with pink.
anyway, will visit the nearest outlet soon cause im cant decide till i see the color on my own.

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh! I'd love to check out Swoon :D I didn't think Amuse would look that bold compared to the leaflet swatch.

Looking great, Syen! :)

Eli said...

You look great in the pics, Syen! I see you are all set for smooching la hubs under the mistletoe this Christmas. ;)

Petra said...

I love the last pic. Cheeky.

Syen said...

xannon: Amuse is nice, even if I find it a little bright. It'll just take some work to colour-coordinate with the rest of the face. LOL. Do check them out.

Connie: Yeah, neither did I. I think you'll look lovely wearing Swoon. And thanks for the compliment! =)

Eli: LOL. Thanks dearie. Erm.. no mistletoe around here! LOL.

Pet: *grin* =P

Hazelnutt said...

hi! I've several STAGE lipsticks too & i agree that their quality is great! It's not a very popular brand .. i wonder why. Their eyeshadows and blush are good too :p