December 03, 2009

LE and Rare Clean & Clear blotters - Pink Grapefruit and Powdered

It's not just glam lipsticks and MAC collections that are rare and limited edition! On this blog, blotters get their day in the limelight! (Can you tell how much I love the things?)

When I went on my mad shopping spree in Singapore I couldn't resist hauling these two facial blotters not available in Malaysia. Now, I really wish the powdered ones were!

Pink Grapefruit

These really don't disappoint. The box is pink, the sheets of blotting films are pink, and the scent is tangy, refreshing grapefruit. In the midsts of a hectic, hot day I have to admit I get a kick from the scent.

I'm semi-sensitive to fragranced products and was worried it would break me out but thank heavens that isn't the case. They work just as well as the classic C&C blue blotters.

But I won't be repurchasing. If the blotters were 50 sen more pricey I may buy it for fun. But considering how much pricier it is, (about RM12 compared to about RM8) it really isn't worth paying the price for a change of colour and scent.

Now these are worth paying extra for! Combining the oil sucking powers of the C&C blotters with a translucent, colourless mattifying powder is a match made in heaven.

And it works! I find my face stays oil free about as long as it does when I blot and powder my face normally.

I don't use these daily because they are rather pricey (about RM15) and are not readily available. But I want these on hand for tiny-bag events. When clubbing or in evening wear these cut down in the need to bring a compact and a pack of blotters. Plus you can use these one handed (although I'm not sure when exactly you'll need to use them one handed).

So C&C Malaysia, please bring these powdered blotters in to Malaysia and make them regular rather than LE.

Until then does anyone have a great powdered blotter to recommend?


LyNn said...

haha make this available not LE and make it cheaper too laaa
double the price
i feel the regular ones are already quite priceyy
need to get hold of daiso desktop one and give it a try to save money

~Lisa said...

=O My friend was using the pink grapefruit one! She said she got it from HK and I tried it and it smelled soo good! ^.^ I remember Sasa was selling it for pretty cheap! About $2?

prettybeautiful said...

thanks for posting this :D

if my singapore xmas trip is on, will be on the hunt for this powdered one :D

AskMeWhats said...

my friends love using this! I don't use these much due to my super dry skin! But this post is definitely helpful! I don't think we have the Pink Grapefruit down here, I could be wrong!

All Women Stalker said...

I would love the powdered ones! They will indeed come in handy during purse-only nightouts. It's just too much hassle sometimes to bring an oil blotter + a compact for those touch ups. But I don't think we have those variants here.
- Kaith

jazz said...

I love powdered currently using the one from palladio range.

Syen said...

We can keep an eye out for these when we're in HK! =P

Natalie said...

Great Blog! have any one use any herbal products to heal skin problems.. give them a try i hope you like them..

Anonymous said...

pink grapefruit is now available here!!! and in MUCH prettier packaging too! i'm a total miser though, so i didn't get them... :(