January 15, 2010

What Scent is Your Man?

Just about two weeks ago, Eli asked us ladies what our men thought of our primping habits. And now I'll ask you about your man's.

Have you ever taken note of what scents he likes to wear? Is your man a Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss sort of guy? Or the Dunhill, Burberry type? Or perhaps the good 'ol Brut Cologne sort?

It's often said that scents are extremely personal, and sometimes a reflection of one's character. So today, let's have you name your man's preferred scent, and share with us a little of his characteristics, shall we?

(Speaking of which, I've heard from a very reliable source that our Malaysian Prime Minister is an Acqua di Parma guy. Interesting.)

In my case, the hubs goes for the good 'ol Brut Cologne. My dad wears Brut too, so I've sort of always associated Brut as a scent for the slightly more traditional man.

Interestingly, I just read that it's indeed marketed in the United States as "representing traditional masculine strength of character".

The hubs says:
I was introduced to this cologne by my dad. I first wore it in my teens, and I liked the manliness of the scent. I'm not a brand-conscious guy. If I find something I like, I stick with it.

Does sound rather traditional, no? LOL. And you can see he really does love his cologne. There's only a wee little bit left of it in his cologne bottle.

So what does your man wear? And what kind of guy is he?

C'mon ladies, I wanna know!


Jenn said...

My husband uses whatever i get him! lol!! :D

I love smelling Crave by ck off him... too bad this scent is discontinued!

Connie De Alwis said...

he... uses whatever his aunt or mom gives him if it's tolerable and has the ability to mask the "scent" of a t-shirt that has been worn for the past 3 days

Clinique Happy for Men :)

a scent that I'll never forget

Eli said...

My Spartan hates perfume. Boo. But I don't really mind since (a) He already smells good on his own -- my friends comment that I have a habit of dating guys who smell great without perfume, and (b) I am allergic to some brands of perfume. A guy friend once hugged me after spritzing Armani. I was sneezing and tearing up through the night.

Unfortunately, that means I can't wear perfume around him without him complaining. =(

xin said...

i don't like men's perfume...i prefer him to use my perfume anytime. LOL.

Sue said...

haha. My man doesn't wear any. So it saves me a lot. :P

yani said...

Oh gosh - he basically wears what I get him - but I fell in love with him and Ralph Lauren Polo Blue. Also love him in Chanel Homme Allure Sport and YSL's L'Homme.

Tine said...

Like the rest, my man wears whatever I give him :P He particularly likes Hugo Boss :)

kuri said...

He wears a lot of Boss stuff. I like his Old Spice deodorant - the new smelling one.

I have all sorts of fragrances I want to try on him, but first I'm hoping that Hermessence Vetiver Tonka smells good on him.

He tends to find womens' fragrances feminine, so I'll have to stick to the unisex ones (for now, haha).

anis-chan said...

yep, he likes whatever i get him too :) but he n i particularly like sean john's unforgivable. yummo!

Syen said...

Seems like all you ladies are the ones picking out your scents for your man! Always great we get to decide on what he smells like, no? LOL.

Eli: Cheers to you on your Spartan. You lucky lucky girl! *winks*

Yani: Hello babe! Really great to have met you the other day! And hugs to Elika. Gorgeous gorgeous baby! =D