March 12, 2010

Review: Gal Collection Peach Vaseline

Lipbalm. More lipbalm.

Okay, so yesterday it was about Kahani's new collection of citrus-inspired lipbalms. Today, I'll be giving a short review about a very little tub of vaseline I picked up from Hong Kong. In peach.

I apologise if we seem to be going on and on about lipbalms, but it apparently is a passion we both indulge in. Although I'm starting to wonder if there's such a thing as too much lipbalm.

Anyhow, read on for my thoughts on this peachy balm.

Encased in a little tin with gorgeous artwork on top, this little tub of vaseline from Spain won me and Kahani over when we found them in Sasa during our recent Hong Kong trip.

A little sniff at the sample tin won our noses over when both of us could actually smell the delicious scent of peach. It's one of the few brands that seem to get the peach scent down pretty decently, as surprise surprise(!), peach can turn out to be so wrong. A little too sweet and it'd be like a cheap handwash, and a little too much tang and I'd hate it. (Hear hear! I'm actually attempting to describe scents!)

Anyway, this one was decent enough to pass both our noses. That counts for quite a bit, I believe.

In terms of texture, it actually holds up quite well. It's hardly as soft as Vaseline (as in the original blue-capped tubs). My room can be slightly warm in the afternoons, and it hasn't gone a-melting. Although a tad sweaty. Am I making sense?

(There isn't any shimmer in this balm, although this photo seems to suggest there is. Notice it's a little sweaty?)

The irony, though, is that I wished it was just a little more emollient. While you'd be able to feel the lipbalm on, it doesn't feel particularly moisturising. Which isn't bad, just not quite my preference.

But because of the scent, I'm quite happy slapping it on, and then adding just a wee little slick of the original Vaseline or my other love - Lucas' Papaw Ointment - to ensure that my lips are really, really well cared for.

It was going on a Buy-2-Get-1-Free promo at about HKD30+ (~RM15) a tin. Which meant I got mine for about HKD20 (~RM9) for a 15ml tin. Which is not bad at all, really.

Would I be repurchasing? With the amount of other lipbalms I have, I'm guessing not. It's a very nice to have, but that's about it.

Let's just leave it at that, shall we?


Connie De Alwis said...

yes, you CAN have too many lipbalms! Which I do :p
I have at least 5 totally unopened ones, a few that has barely been touched, some half way through... Should come up to about 20 O_O Oh dear

Meldee said...

I so wanted to get this when I was in SaSa Macau! But the sales assistant was so nasty and refused to be of any assistance, so I walked out. Huff. I'll just continue using my Lucas' :)

Syen said...

Connie: Hahahaa... ok, I agree. One CAN have too many lipbalms.

Meldee: Yeah. I'm pro Lucas too. Aint it great? *winks*