March 15, 2010

What's Your Number: Gorgeous Skin ~

Oh fudge.

I remember a few months earlier, when I'd already started on my little cream craze (which has apparently gone BOOM!), and there was this particular conversation with Kahani that went along something like this.

Me: I'm really keen on trying out that new Vaseline (Stratys-3) moisturiser. It sounds AWHSUM.
Kahani: Uh-oh.
Me: What?
Kahani: You're having one of your crazy fetishes aren't you? Now it's moisturisers.
Me: Err... well. I only have uhhh... (ran off to count) TEN bottle/jars/tubs/tubes of moisturisers. I'm still alright.
Kahani: Riiiiiight.

Fast forward a couple of months post conversation, and my stash has reeeally gone BOOM. But I don't remember buying that many. Really!

Anyway, some housekeeping was in order, and I now realise I have 17 bottles/jars/tubs/tubes of moisturisers, as listed below.


1. St Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Advanced Body Moisturiser
2. St Ives Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturiser
3. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Smoothing Lotion
4. Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion
5. Vaseline Intensive Rescue Relief and Repair Balm
6. The Body Shop Nutmeg and Vanilla Body Lotion
7. The Body Shop Peach Body Lotion (this was a gift, so it doesn't really count, right?)
8. Johnson's Baby Softlotion (Calming)
9. Nivea Whitening Inner Cell Repair Body Milk (for normal sun exposure)
10. ~H20+ Moisturising Body Balm in Raspberry Guava
11. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion


1. Dove Supreme Body Silk
2. Dove Intensive Cream
3. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

Hand Creams

1. Soap & Glory Hand Food (I hold Kahani responsible for this.)
2. L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Petal-soft Hand Cream (I hold Tine responsible for this.)
3. Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream

So there you have it people. My crazy cream stash. Okay, no more creams for me for the next three months! (Unless it was pre-ordered. Then it doesn't really count. *tee hee* )

So what's your number? C'mon people, be honest here.


Anonymous said...

That is a LOT of moisturiser. I have one (Vaseline) with UV protection that I use during the day, one (Johnson's softlotion) that I use in the evenings after my shower, and a thicker cream (Dove Body Silk) which I use after my once/twice weekly body scrubs. I try out different brands when each product finishes, and try not to stockpile as there is limited space in my room.

xin said...

errr ok :P 17 is quite a big number. try to use them every 30mins...or slow down on buying now :P

Meldee said...

Mad woman! Since you've twisted my arm to make me count...

1. Sugar Baby Mimosa Body Butter
2. Boots Wild Strawberry and Cream Body Butter
3. J&J Softlotion
4. Watson's Lavender Body Lotion
5. Some Vitamin E body cream I got in Aus (because nothing else kept my skin hydrated)

Er...that's it! I'm officially not as mad as you! Hurrah! :P

Eli said...

My current number? A bit fat ZERO. Need to get one though. Preferably unscented as my nose goes itchy with fragrance.

Anyway, that pic got a jaw-dropping WTH reaction from me. I think you can afford to BATHE in moisturisers.

rinnah said...

I don't wanna count, but I think I have nearly as many moisturizers as you do, Syen! *runs away and hides*

Askmewhats said...

oh my, oh my! that's a nice question, I have a lot but I wont' count them as most of them aren't open yet and I consider them backups! LOL *feeling uncomfortable...running away* :P

Connie De Alwis said...

hahaha! you should just do a "milk" bath with all your creams. imagine how soft your skin will be!
My number is pretty modest ;)

april said...

It's not that many! I'm envious of the St Ives Whipped Silk, heard it is wonderful but we don't have it here in SG. Won't you do a review?

I remember the Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream didn't cut it for me. The aircon at my workplace is much too cold and dry.

Jyoan said...

:PPP GUILTY as charged! Talk about lotions. I was also on a lotion craze cos I went to dry Beijing in winter. I have like 3 tubes of L'occitane, 3 tubes of Nivea Vit E+ Dead Sea Minerals hand cream, another 4 face moisturizers in stock, 1 body lotion, a big tube of organic hand cream, hmmmmm, what else... Honestly, nowadays, I can't remember what's in stock.

Tine said...

Haha, that's a lot. I think I have about 7-10, which is a LOT :P

Syen said...

Hey lovelies, sorry for the late comment reply. I tried several times to comment, but didn't work. I think Chrome's interfering with the codes for some reason or another.

Aneeway, thank you all for commenting and counting. And thanks Rinnah. I don't feel so alone in my madness now. LOL.