April 08, 2010

DIY: Clear Pink Nailpolish

There's a shade of clear pink nail polish - you know, the blue-based kind that almost looks like a french manicure but not quite. Like healthy glossy nails.... but not quite. And without swatching on every single shade around they really are hard to find!

So when I came across a tip online (which for the life of me I cannot find now, so sorry lovely DIY person whoever you are), to mix a pink polish with a clear nail polish, I filed it away in my "must try someday" database. Well I was cleaning out my nailpolish stash when I came across this failed top coat by Revlon and a cheapie RM5 hot pink nail polish by Elianto I bought for a Eurotrash party that never happened.

Thinking, "Well, what do I have to lose," I mixed a tiny amount of pink in with the top coat, gave it a hard shake and.... magic.

It's the PERFECT shade of clear nail polish. I may even buy a nicer top coat / clear nail polish to mix the pink in with because all the defects in the Revlon top coat are still present. It takes forever to dry (but not as long as when it's over several layers of another polish) and even when dry to touch can be soft enough to gain hatchmarks when I'm asleep. A topcoat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly definitely helps though!

This is with two coats of polish, it's a hard colour to photograph and looks much pinker in real life. But you can still see the whites of the nails - and they look whiter! Being natural-ish it takes chips well, but being almost entirely top coats, it lasts forever. Whee!

So instead of chucking that lurid pink shade you never wear and that top coat that turned out meh, give this a go!


Askmewhats said...

very very pretty! thanks for sharing this great tip! Especially for nail polish lover like myself

rinnah said...

I remember that Eurotrash party that was supposed to have happened but turned into an Island/Holiday party instead! :P

And that is a bonza idea... I love love love how the top coat looks so natural but yet colored at the same time! Must try this out for myself stat!

Eli said...

Pretty! I am tempted to try this one out. Hmm..