May 07, 2010

Lazy Friday + A Lipstick Review... Sorta

Right. It's Friday.

About darn time, if you ask me! *winks*

So since my post earlier this week was so horrendously long, I'll go the other direction and keep this one short and sweet.

Since Kahani's already talked about how much she loved her two Maybelline Colour Sensational Moisture Extreme lipsticks (Lordy, what a mouthful), I'll just add my two cents' worth to the one I picked from the lot - Pink Bloom.

If you've read Kahani's review, you'll know most of the details about this lippie already. When I was handed the four (Pink Bloom, Buff, Summer Sunset and Papaya Milk) to pick from, I picked this up right away.

And then put it back down without even swatching.

"Waaay too pink," said I, just by looking at it in the tube.

And ended up picking it up again. After swatching all, I found I liked this best, as it was a little different from the rest which were VERY pigmented. This one was sheerer and glossier. My kind of lipstick.

When worn, it's sheer enough so my lips don't scream PINK, but it adds a little colour to my lips, which can sometimes be really pale. At a glance, it seems pretty neutral, but at closer inspection, you'll notice it leans towards the cooler end of pinks. Just a tad.

And I likes it very, very much.

That's it. That's my review.

Now, just to tell you ladies a little something extra. I gone done something with my hair! Nothing serious. I ended up just trimming my hair, and did mild copper highlights (which is a wee bit more natural that I thought it would be, but it's okay). Because I'm safe and boring like that.

So you get a better look at what it looks like. What d'ya think?


knitties said...

It looks very pretty on you :-) I've been seeing a bunch of reviews on these lippies lately and they seem to be very popular.

Eli said...

Pretty! Aren't you glad that you reswatched them again? =P

xin said...

nice highlights! and of the lot, pink bloom is my favorite ^^

AskMeWhats said...

I love how we are trying on the same lipsticks from different countries! I love the Maybelline lipsticks! They are not too drying!

Love your new hair! Highlights are perfect, not over the top!

Syen said...

Lyn: Thank you! I'm not surprised if they are popular. They're pretty good. =)

Eli: Yes ma'am. Very glad I did! =)

Xin: Thanks babe! COngrats again! =)

Nikki: Hehehe... global connection. And thanks for the compliment. I kinda wish they were just a weet bit "louder" now though. LOL.

Yani said...

Syen - beautiful hair - and even more fabulous lips!!