May 27, 2010

Review: My Lip Stuff Lip Balm in Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry Lemonade

Yeah, yeah, I know you saw the flavours and rolled your eyes (note: the image is a stock photo). What else would I choose? :P I ordered these balms sometime back from the US site, but held off reviewing it till now because, to be honest, they fell into the "meh" category for me. So why review them now? Because they're available in Malaysia for RM12 each via this blogshop.

My Lip Stuff is an immensely popular brand of vegan lipbalm. Thst they were "meh" for me was largely the fault of the flavours, not the formula. I delayed the review because I wanted to see if I could land a flavour I really liked and give the balms a fair chance but ordering from the US was annoying. The first batch got lost but customer service was awesome and they immediately sent a replacement. Still, it's not exactly conducive to "just keep trying". now it's available here I'm about to give it another go!

If you're not used to vegan, organic lip balms the formula may come as a shock to you. As it has no wax, it goes on almost like a clear oil. It also melts really easily, so do NOT leave these in the car!

Once you get the hang of it, these make great day balms because they last surprisingly long and are craaaazy glossy. If you prefer matte lips this isn't for you since even under lipstick the gloss shines through!

I'm not sure how moisturising the formula is but I find it keeps my lips comfy even though it doesn't have the waxy feel we're so used to. All three tubes also taste faintly sweet along with a hint of the flavour on the tube.

Pink Lemonade
While I don't mind this flavour, it's rather disappointing. While it does smell of sweet lemons there's an undertone of plastic that makes it faintly unpleasant. I'll use it up but not repurchase.

Pink Grapefruit
This one was BAD. It was so rank I had to toss it as I simply could not use it. It smelt and tasted like crazy concentrated, rancid, redoxen. Think Nivea Pink Grapefruit at 20x the scent cocentration with bitter undertones. Eugh!

Raspberry Lemonade
At first whiff I loved this! I could smell the raspberry and the lemonade! But then the plastic came through and for some reason, the faint taste of cough mixture. Argh. Again I cn tolerate it and will use it up, but won't repurchase.

The lady who runs the blogshop is going to send me her fave flavour - a mix of citrus flavours called Cat Pee. Yep, Cat Pee - complete with appalling image. I haven't given up on this lip balm and who knows, I may just LOVE cat pee!


Jenn said...

I was going to pick Dog Poo... but decided against it just in case it smells like the real thing!!! >.<

Cynthia said...

Hi Jenn, you needn't have worried, although Dog Poo sounds disturbing it's a mix of coffee and caramel, quite yummy too actually ;)