May 19, 2010

Sunscreen Series: Ego Sunsense Daily Face SPF30+ Invisible Tint Finish

My aunt swears by this stuff. She works under the hot sun in the paddy fields and each time sun spots start forming on her face, she immediately reaches out for this sunscreen. The brown spots are gone within a few days and last time I saw my aunt, her skin was still pretty good.

Keeping her recommendation in mind, I picked this up just before I left Australia.

Let me get straight to the point. I am not in love with this sunscreen. It simply doesn't work for me despite my trying it out off and on for the past few months.

This sunscreen is a bit on the thick side and takes a while to work into the skin. As indicated, the formula is tinted a light brown which would show up on most fair people but doesn't have any effect on my NC32-ish skin. If you are around an NC30, forget about using this as a light foundation alternative.

Ego Sunsense, let me count the ways I hate thee... Hmm, where do I start?

Right, I have no problems with the thick formula but I do dislike the sticky, shiny effect it leaves behind. So much for an invisible matt finish. *huffs* Plus, the sunscreen doesn't adhere well to the skin. It tends to ball up on my skin after a few hours. I have tried using the sunscreen on my bare skin (not moisturiser, serum or toner) to see if it was a product layering problem but I got the result each time.

To top it all off, my pores get terribly clogged each time I use this. I get clusters of white heads, blackheads and pimples which take ages to clear.

Mum was quite surprised by my violent dislike for this sunscreen as she has been using it as well and doesn't have any problems. No clogged skin or shiny problems.

It is a pity that this particular sunscreen doesn't work for me as it provides pretty broad spectrum protection.

The active ingredients are:
1. Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane/ Avobenzone: Long wave UVA protection
2. Octyl triazone: UVB protection
3. Oxybenzone: Short wave UVA
4. Titanium dioxide: UVB and short wave UVA protection

For the life of me, I can't remember how much this sunscreen cost but it was probably around AUD 20. For a while, I only saw this in Sabah pharmacies but it seems that pharmacies in KL are finally beginning to carry this sunscreen as well.

Has anyone used this and loved it?


ParisB said...

Yes! This one killed my skin totally. TOTALLY! Avoid at all costs.

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Sunscreens are such a hit and miss thing so often, aren't they?!
I haven't seen this one around Singapore, but then again, I can't use it - chemical ingredients....but it sounds like it might be better to test it out, than buy the whole bottle and regret the purchase.

Connie De Alwis said...

ahhh gee... and I almost got it! thanks for the heads up!
and I see a very firm warning from PB :p

Tine said...

OMG me too! I hate it, but my mum swears by it. I had to buy her two bottles of these things when I went back to M'sia for hols. Ugh.

Eli said...

Amazing how this stuff works for our mothers but not us, right? Am trialling Sunplay right now but I don't think its strong enough for work. =/

milktea said...

Eh??... Why all the negatives for SunSense? I use this. But it's the spf50 version and comes in a 75gm tube for less than rm50 at Guardian. No, I'm not promoting this product - I just like it! It's fine for drier skin. No problems with it. Nice matte finish and affordable too! It's a cream but rather light and fluffy. I've not seen the spf30 bottle in M'sia before so maybe it's a different sort?