May 20, 2010

Wet your sponge woman! And why I love Revlon Colorstay

I actually had another post scheduled for today. But a combination of insane work load and a niggling flu has left me bereft of the ability to review anything coherently. So I've bumped the review to next week and will instead share with you a revelation I've recently had.


ParisB's new method of applying liquid foundie is probably awesome for all things but very thick makeup like Revlon Colorstay and cream, pancake makeup. For all those things, watch the following vid:

Convinced? Now move on for a confirmation of why I absolutely adore Revlon Colorstay for my acne-ridden skin. And now I've discovered the joys of the wet sponge, I love it EVEN MORE. L

I'll be honest with you girls. I do damned near everything she does. I don't bother with the tiny brush or additional concealer unless it's a very special occassion and I use ZA 2-Way Foundation instead of mineral foundation these days (for convenience sake). But otherwise, it's scarily similar. And it works! Thank god for this foundation, Revlon please don't improve it out of existence!


Anonymous said...

I tested it and I didn't like it: Revlon foundations are pinkish and don't suit my yellow-brownish-reddish skin.

Also I find foundtions from Europe and America are too heavy, oily and pinkish for me.

I prefer Japanese foundations - they suit our humid climate.

Unfortunately their colors can be light for me.

My favorite is ZA 2-way between numbers 22 and 23 - it's not perfect: it darkens after a few hours, but the color is very close to my face and easy to apply with a foundation brush. The enclosed sponge is ok when you are on the road.

Connie De Alwis said...

I love the coverage but it can be a little drying and pink for me. Can still make it work though. But I can understand the love you have for this foundation!

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

very informative post! cant wait to try Colorstay!

lyn said...

I've never tried Revlon foundations. But I love GossMUA's videos and have started using a lightly damp sponge to apply liquid foundations. I love this method!

Kahani said...

Anon: Ah well foundations are a very personal thing. Glad you found ones you like.

Connie: Aww yeah I'm guessing i'm actually more neutral in tone so Sand Beige is an ok if not perfect match for me. Still, as it's just about the only foundy that doesn't break me out and has phenomenal coverage, I can't quiiiite complain. =P

Khymm: Honestly though dear if you don't need the super coverage you may not like this foundy. Damp sponges do make it a good deal easier to use though.

Lyn: I'm starting to really really like him too! He's so much more articulate than the masses of mumbling ninnies out there!

Hanny Kee said...

Hmmm, I've been eyeing this foundation for quite some time now. ^.^ But I don't really know what my shade is, because I swatched Sand Beige one day and it looked fine, and the next, I swatched the next darker one and it looked fine too! Which one suits me better, if I have a MAC NW 25 skintone?

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Thanks for that tip - as lazy as I am when it comes to applying liquid foundation (mostly fingers, occasionally a brush), this does sound like something well worth following.

Strangely enough after using the ZA 2 way for years, and having a less than successful relationship with the Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation, I went high end for years, before I bought the Revlon new complexion cream foundation (all in one) at a duty free store when I realised I'd checked in all my make-up and was meeting HotShotPersonalities on disembarking, and realised what a gem I'd been missing out on all these years.
At the end of the day, I have to concede - Revlon still displays its department store roots in most of its products...

Lish said...

I've been trying out this method for the past week. I love it :) It gives me an even application and the Colorstay does not go cakey in the afternoon. As an added bonus, my face is less oily, though I'm not sure why.

Thanks for sharing this method.

My only concern is whether the sponge will rub away the sunscreen underneath.

Kahani said...

Hi Hanny: So sorry to have missed your question. I'd say go for Sand Beige since it may oxidise a little in the day and get darker. If it's a shade too light you can always dust a slightly darker foundation powder over. It's hard to lighten up dark foundations which can look muddy.

Gypsy: I used to use fingers too but it can look cakey - especially after the bottle's been open a month or so. Some girls don't realise this and say it's not working for them anymore. It's just drying up.

Lish: Yay I'm addicted to this method too! Hmm I think it's fine if you let the sunscreen set, and then glide the foundation on. More like spread it around lightly and then pat it in.