May 18, 2010

Come to Mama: My UK Wishlist ~

By the time you ladies get around to reading this, I'm happy to report that I'm already tromping around in ye 'olde England (and Scotland too)!

As it's my second trip there, I'm well prepared to make a beeline for skincare/haircare/makeup haven - Boots (and a place or two else)! And to show you just how serious I am, here's my wishlist!


John Frieda
1. Brilliant Brunette Illuminating Conditioner - John Frieda makes my all-time fave condi, so I'm really tempted to try this one out.

1. Stratys-3 Mineral Renewal body moisturiser - I hope I'll finally be able to get my grubby paws on this!
2. Rosy Lips

1. Eyeshadows - these are awesome, and I hope to check them out again.

1. Suede Blush in Sunshine Coast or Montebello (or both? I can't seem to get enough of Cargo blushers!)

Front Cover
1. Rainbow Eyes - I saw this somewhere, and it looks mighty tempting. They call it an eyeshadow encyclopedia!


Frederic Fekkai
1. Olive Glossing Cream - my absolute HG hair product for shiny, shiny hair! It's time to stock up.


1. Sweet Lips
2. Honey I Washed the Kids
3. Vanilla in the Midst Soap - Vanilla. Enough said.
4. Creamed Almond & Coconut Smoothie - this sounds terribly me!

While I'm at it, I might as well add that it's possible I'll be hauling whatever else strikes my fancy which doesn't leave me broke.



rinnah said...

Happy holiday-ing Syen and don't forget to post tons of haul pics when you get back! :)

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Have a great trip Syen and wishing you much fun hauling as much as you can - looking forward to pics of the pretty things ;)

domncroxd said...

i love lush! happy holidays!

Tine said...

Awesome! Where in Scotland will you be visiting? I miss Scotland SO much :(