June 08, 2010

Etude Proof 10 Lip Stain in 01

Ah Etude House, with you, I don't need Benefit for lip stains anymore! Meet my new favourite daily lipstain. It's slightly warmer than Benetint, but not by much so the colours are fairly close but where I need two coats with Benetint, with Proof 10 I only need one. It's longer lasting than ANY other Etude House Lipstain I've used and I adore it.

The doe's foot applicator makes it great for applying on the lips - much better than the nail polish brush Benetint comes with. I've never used it on my cheeks as I'm still getting over a bad breakout.

Slightly washed out pic in the cool morning sunlight, but I love how natural it looks with just one coat and a slick of lipbalm. Two coats gives me berry-stained lips, three vamps it up to near vavavoom. Great as a base for evening wear.

At cost price this costs about RM25 and is certainly worth every penny. If I spot these babies on sale I'm SO stocking up. LOVE them to death. Have come to believe that clear liquid tints work way better than gel, opaque or solid.


mandy said...

How do you apply it?
I have the tony moly one and it also has a doe foot applicator, but I can't seem to apply it sheer and even >__<;;

Petra said...

Sounds very value for money. Where are they sold and do they animal test?

Askmewhats said...

It looks super natural on you Kahani! and i have to say, your skin is gorgeous !!!

Kahani said...

Mandy: On clean lips that don't have lipbalm. Apply an even layer on your bottom lip and immediately moosh lips together. this works for most of my lipstains. If it doesn't work it could be your lipstain formula that's hard to work with.

Petra: Etude House has several standalone outlets. I believe there's one in Sunway Pyramid and I know there's one in 1U. I have no idea if they animal test - it's a Korean brand.

Kahani said...

Nikki: Aww thank you! And honestly? My skin is dreadful -on that day I had cystic acne and scars from recently healed pimples. God bless Revlon colorstay, aye?

ksuan said...

Hi Kahani!

I started trying lipstains after reading about them on So Loverly and am now a full-fledged lipstain convert (I also partly attribute my newfound love for lipsticks to you, Syen and Eli's combined powers of persuasion).

I currently use The Body Shop's lip and cheek tint, and that cost about RM30 - but the Etude House version looks great too! Do they carry many cooler tinted pinks? I have a very warm skintone and can't do too-warm shades!

LyNn said...

looks awesome on you!
so much more natural than benetint
it made you look radiant!
wonder if it has a shade similar to posietint.
i bought etude house's cherry tint one
im only ok with it.
will check this out

Fiona Chan said...

Been wanting to get a lipstain so I stalked your reviews of lipstains, quite informative! :D Thanks! I think I'll try this Etude House lipstain :D