June 09, 2010

Lipstick Queen's Saint Sheer Lipstick in Rust

Two years ago, I promised myself that after graduating and before leaving Australia, I would splurge and get myself some Lipstick Queen.

I ended up walking away with not one, but three products from Lipstick Queen. One was a gift for my sister (I gave her a Saint Rouge and nearly killed her when she misplaced her makeup bag last month) and the other two were for me -- Saint Rust and an Oxymoron Gloss (to be reviewed at a later date).

A bit of an explanation here for those in the dark but Lipstick Queen has two lipstick ranges called "Saint" and "Sinner". The Saints contain only 10% of pigment while the Sinners have 90% pigment. Both have a great colour range and its up to you if you want to have a pretty wash of colour on your lips or a richer matte formula in the same tone. Absolutely genius in my opinion.

First off, I have to say that Lipstick Queen does not come cheap. My Saint Rust set me back by AUD $33.95, making it more expensive than a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick. However, the Saints really do live up to their cult hit status, making this a pretty worthwhile buy.

Take a peek at Saint Rust. Doesn't seem like much, does it? That's what I thought as well until I put it on my lips and fell in love.

So, let's make a list called "Why Every Girl Needs a Saint in Her Bag" (And no, I am not talking about a St. Christopher, patron saint of travellers medallion here).

1. It's pretty. Seriously, get a Saint in the right shade and you are set. The colour can take you from day to night (or night to day, if you are a night owl). Sure, it may seem sheer at first but swipe it on your lips and you will realise that there is more depth in a Saint than you ever imagined.

2. It's moisturising. This is the most moisturising lipstick I have ever used. It's smooth, non-drying and an absolute joy to use. I don't even have to layer a lip balm over or under it.

3. It makes me want to kiss myself. Before Kahani and Syen pass a vote to boot me off SoLoverly for weird self-love practices, let me say in my defence that Saint makes your lips look absolutely kissable. The finish isn't overly glossy but looks moist in a sexy "I just licked my lips" kind of way. Wear this on a date and poor sap won't be able to keep his eyes off your lips.

Trust me, I have a boyfriend.

The Saints are tricky this way. They seem very subdued and discreet but they still draw attention to your lips. I guess that's the real difference between the Saints and Sinners. Sinners are all out sexy but the Saints are seductive.

4. Pretty packaging. I am not really a sucker for pretty packaging but who can resist that? *points up* If you can look at that and not be moved by curiousity, you must have a heart of stone or a very firmly screwed on head.

Outside packaging aside, the lipstick comes in a very sturdy rubberised tube. It isn't made out of cheap, breakable plastic and believe me, I have dropped this lipstick more times than I care to count. So far, no dents or scratches. I bet I could drop this into a pail of water and it would still emerge intact. Not that I plan to try.

If you aren't convinced, head to your closest Lipstick Queen outlet, pick out the right colour and put it on your lips. You'll get what the hype is all about, believe me.

Unfortunately, Lipstick Queen is not available in Malaysia (apparently available in Hong Kong) so I am saving up for my next Saint (or Sinner) during my next trip to Australia. A very worthwhile splurge, this one, and a girl always needs more Saints to fall back on.



rinnah said...

Sounds oh-so-seductive! :P I wish they had it in Malaysia, would so love to check out the Saint-ly range! :D

AskMeWhats said...

I will remember this brand name and check it out if ever I get the chance to visit HK! :)

domncroxd said...

Arrr...so nice! I need to make a trip down to Aussie ASAP!

Paris B said...

mmm... I'd read a lot about Lipstick Queen. Mayhap its time to get someone to pick it up for me or make a trip down under! :D

Foong Jin said...

But but but...more expensive than a Rouge Coco? The Rouge Coco looks so lux and the colours are so pretty! It got pretty good reviews too!

Eli said...

Rinnah: It IS seductive. And I just love the Saint/ Sinner idea. It's like choosing between a halo or horns for the day.

Nikki: It's worth just a peek =D I don't know how the price range is like though.

domncroxd: And that just ONE colour. You should see the rest.

ParisB: We should send a petition to Lipstick Queen "for the greater good of SEA". I am planning to visit Australia in Sept so...

Foong Jin: I bought this before Rouge Coco was launched. A really expensive buy but worth it. I should try a Rouge Coco some day for comparison's sake.

Syen said...

Sigh. I've met Lipstick Queen when I was Down Under but chickened out a little at the price. Would have loved to have gotten a Saint or two though. You're going in Sept? Hmmm... =P

But I also want a Coco Rouge. LOL.

milktea said...

Another fantastic brand that's not available in Malaysia.. 'sobs' :'(

Tine said...

Lipstick Queen lip pies are definitely worth your dosh. I have a Saint and a Medieval, and i love em both. :)

Eli said...

Syen: You could have ONE Saint and ONE Coco Rouge. =D Cooooooome tooo zeeee daarrrk siiiide...

Milktea: I know! What a bummer.

Tine: Which Saint do you have? I was thinking of getting Medieval but am glad I settled for a Saint. Too many reds in my drawer

jeen said...

what a coincidence! i just got back from australia with 2 lipstick queens in my bag and this was one of the first posts i read

I have the saint rose, a rouge coco, medieval, and butterfly ball lippies so in case you're interested in a comparison, here's my take on things:

the saint line vs rouge coco - about on par for moisturizing qualities, rouge coco seems creamier and more densely pigmented. more opaque if you will. the saints are sheer-ish but buildable.

butterfly ball vs saints - butterfly ball takes the cake for moisture and colour. has iridescent fine blue shimmer. it's semi-sheer but also buildable so i get full coverage on my rather pigmented lips with two swipes for the darker colours. no balm needed, even in melbourne winter. my fave of the lot but more limited colour choices

medieval vs butterfly ball. medieval has no shimmer and is otherwise comparable to butterfly ball.

i love the packaging for the sinners but the pigmentation level in those scare me! i've tried them on and they are so pigmented and matte, they do show up fine lines on my lips. which is not cool