June 07, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits: Pork Knuckles For Beauty?

Hello lovelies!

Believe it or not, my dad actually inspired this beauty bit today.

Knowing I have this thing for all things beauty related, he told me a real interesting bit yesterday, over a plate of wantan noodles. And I thought I should share it with you girls.

Being the Net surfer that he is, he apparently came across a piece of article about the latest beauty craze in New York (New Yorker beauties, please confirm if this is true?).

"They're crazy about pork knuckles now," said he, slightly smug.

Me: Pork knuckles???
Dad: Yes, pork knuckles. Because they're bursting with collagen.

Okay, so maybe he didn't say exactly that. But you get the drift. Pork knuckles appears to be a great source of natural collagen.

So I looked around a little on the Net, and while I couldn't find the article he was referring to, I did find this and various other articles referring to the "collagen-rich pork knuckle". So looks like daddy was right.

Interesting he should know something about beauty that I didn't know.

Anyway, this brings me to a question. Well a statement first, then a question. Make that 2 questions. Statement: I am NOT a big fan of pork knuckles. They look a little... well... scary. I know, I'm a weird Chinese.

Now the questions:

1. Did you know this?
2. (Granted they're non-halal and all that. But IF you could eat it) Would you eat knuckles for the sake of beauty?

Credit: Photo nicked off here.


MilknCookiie said...

Ooh, I definitely didn't know this. I wouldn't start eating it more, since eating collagen doesn't really help your skin at all..unless it's for something else?

★ Cookiie

Askmewhats said...

I am not a fan of Pork knuckles so my answer is no, I'll probably seek other ways e

Foxy Frangipani said...

Hehe I knew about this, and yes I eat them :)

Another good option - chicken feet...

xin said...

i have heard of it before but i am not HUGE fan of pork knucles either, i usually only go for the lean meat. the other part of pig - the tendon is always blasting with collagen. and i love it! :D

Paris B said...

Actually my mom has been telling me the same thing. Well, in respect of the skin anyway. I do rather like eating some pig skin esp those that are braised and without fat on them but not necessarily pork knuckles or trotters. Yummy! :)

Jenn said...

I'm not a fan of pork knuckles! But then again, i won't eat something just because its beauty properties, so the answer is still no!! :P

april said...

oh yes, i do know of this, but I've always dismissed it as old wives' tale - you know how people say be like what you eat, so they link up the smooth texture of pork knuckles with good skin. Okay, now old wives' tale has gone international to NY. I didn't know it was bursting with that much collagen!

Syen said...

Thanks for your feedback ladies. As for myself, I think I still won't be chomping down on pork knuckles (or chicken feet).

But I do enjoy soups cooked with bones and all that, so maybe that should be enough collagen? LOL.

Eli said...

Being half Hakka, chicken feet and pork knuckles are high on my "Food I Love" list. Bring on the chi yuk, please! Any excuse for pork knuckles in vinegar is a good excuse.