June 28, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits

It's official, Shady Lady is THE ultimate palette. How do I know? I've hit pan on Lucious Lani (shimmery pink highlighter - amazing) and there are serious dents in the rest. I'm going to pick up Shady Lady Volume 2 because the idea of living without at least ONE of these on hand is unconscionable!

Oh me! Oh my! By Thunder and all that! Maybelline has launched Lip Stains under its Color Sensational line in the US. And they look FAB. All you lipstain loving ladies out there join forces with me and PRAY that they bring them in! *does the lipstain summoning dance*

Be warned that MUFE actually has TWO sizes available for its Super Matt Loose Powder - which they won't tell you about unless you ask. The difference in value is staggering. The 15g Jar is about RM98 while the 30g jar is RM120. Double the amount for a fraction of the increase. Don't buy the 15g jar!


domncroxd said...

thanks for the MUFE tip!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I have the Shady Lady since 2 years ago (if not mistaken)... I love the versatile colors and glad that I bought it from SASA at RM120. I don't find much different between I and II, hence I didn't get myself Shady Lady II.