October 23, 2009

My daily delight: The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette

Meet the one palette that has successfully quenched all longings for any other palette. No, I'm not kidding! With nine superbly useable, long lasting, pigmented shades in a creamy powder formula that resembles Shu Uemura, it's hard to want anything else!

Ok I'm not a fan of the hoochie leopard print with the sillhouette - but the slim sturdy design witha lovely large mirror can't be faulted.

With 3 liner shades (matte), 2 highlighter (shimmer), and 4 mid-tone crease shades (satin) this pallete is wonderfully thought out! From sweet and pretty to daily glow to dark and smokey this palette makes it all possible. So far I've created a warm natural day look, a sweet and sexy purple and dark blue, a fresh green and gold, a smokey silver and blue... The combinations are endless!

Here are just 3:

>Lucious Lani, Curvi Cami, Risque Renee
Lucious Lani, Shameless Shana, Cought in the Act Courtney

Jet-Setting Jennifer, All About Alex, Jealous Jordana

For swatches, check out this great post at PrettyB!

As mentioned the creamy smooth blendabiity of these shadows rivals Shu Uemura. So easy is it to blend together that I have started using 4 even 5 shades on my eyes on somedays. It brings out the latent artist in me. ;)

Over a primer the shadows last all day with slight fading of the shimmer. One gripe I have is the liner shades on my lower lids does smudge somewhat on my oily skin throughout the day. Easy enough to clean up, but I'd rather it lasted like Bobbi Brown's Espresso eyeshadow. Maybe it's the trade in for blendability because even the liner shade is wonderfully easy to blend in to deepen and shadow.

I can't be happier with this palette - a great buy for RM120. My only worry is Luscious Lani, the most perfect shade of warm highlight pink, is running out faster than the rest. I may have to get the mono!


plue said...

i wud love to buy this, but the leopard print puts me off like totally. ugh. :(

a palette useful for travelling!

Petra said...

great blending. particularly love the second :)

AskMeWhats said...

love your photos, they look great! now, I love palettes as its easier to pull out in the morning prior to makeup application and easier to choose and be creative

~Lisa said...

Wow! It sounds so great! And the looks you made look gorgeous!!!


Meldee said...

Love it all! Aaaaah! :(

prettybeautiful said...

u bought it too! :D i was really contemplating whether to get for myself or not, in the end i persuaded myself not to. but my friend loves it! :D

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I've bought this few weeks ago.. n love it so much ... initially i was a little reluctant on RM120... but now i'm thinking it's all worth it..