June 25, 2010

Review: Soap & Glory Clean on Me

Since having been sucked into Soap & Glory by Kahani (who else, right?), I've been trying out the products, one after another. It seems that this brand has wormed its way into both our hearts, and it's one Kahani and I just absolutely love.

And why not?

Great products, coupled with the brand's love for catchy product names and puns, just keep us going back for more.

Like this shower gel, called Clean on Me.

I made a friend lug all 500ml of it back from the UK last year (Warning: Only do this with very close friends, or you might lose them altogether!), and it now sits among my plethora of bodywash and shower gels.

First thing to note. The signature Soap & Glory scent is absolutely delightful. If you like the S&G scent, you'll love it. If you don't, or if you don't like scented products, please stay far far away from this creamy cleanser. There would be no logic in you purchasing this.

It calls itself a "creamy clarifying shower gel", with "natural mandarin peel extract and bonus built-in body lotion". To me, it's really more creamy than gel-like. And it is moisturising. It does lather up, but not very much so.

It has enough slip for shaving, but for that purpose, I generally prefer this Olay bodywash. Also, access to this one's a little tougher to waste it on shaving.

As a shower gel, it's great to have and the scent makes for a refreshing shower experience.

Priced at £5 (~RM25) for 500ml, it's not exactly cheap. It's readily available in Boots UK but I don't know if Boots Thailand has it. I'll find out soon enough. The boo factor though, is that we don't have it here.



Jenn said...

Eh... you going Thailand soon??? :D :D

I think this one is available in Bangkok! Remember seeing it there! :) Your review makes me wanna buy it!! Hehehe!! :D

Appu said...

Hi there! very nice blog :) I've been reading this for a while now and I love it!

Am all about body washes this month and one more goes to my list ;)

ksuan said...

Hey Syen!

To answer your question, yes - Boots Thailand does carry this range (at least it did the last I was there at the end of January this year)! They had the full range stocked up at almost every outlet the last I looked.