June 04, 2010

Review: Vaseline Sheer Infusion Stratys-3 Body Lotion


I know I am so awfully late in joining the bandwagon of reviews for this body lotion, and I do apologise for it. Then again, maybe I don't. I didn't really have much of a choice, did I?

I had only just gotten my grubby little paws on them about 3 weeks ago when I was in the UK. Because Vaseline Malaysia doesn't bring them in here. *grumble*

But anyway, enough of my grumbling, and let me move on to tell you about this body lotion. Which is pretty darn impressive in my books.

So backtrack about 3 weeks here, and you'll see me packing for my trip. I didn't bring any body moisturiser with me, except a wee tube of the Johnson's Baby Calming Softlotion for my hands.

Reason? Why bother bringing added luggage when I know I'm going to buy moisturisers there? Makes sense, no?

So day-one in UK saw my skin shrivelling up and me running helter-skelter to the nearest Boots. And of course, I had to pick this up. I had been itching to try it. Literally.

I chose the one in Mineral Renewal because I'd read it had the mildest scent of the lot, and because I liked it. The hubs liked it too. Heaven forbid I should have picked the Vitamin Burst because it smelled of citrus. Yuck.

And so, for the next 2 and a half weeks, me and the hubby were slathering it on every morning and every night. You know how dry my skin gets, don't you? And at the end of it, I was VERY impressed. Not only did my skin not itch at all throughout my trip there, it actually looked healthy. Seriously.

In fact, I think it looked even healthier there in dry UK, than here, in humid Malaysia. Oh the irony. So I guess its claim of working across all three layers of the skin might actually hold water.

Ingredients list:

Many have talked about how it doesn't feel greasy at all yada yada, but here I beg to differ slightly. On me, it felt just a tad greasy. Not unbearably so, but I could feel it on. Granted, I did slather it on a little generously (especially at night).

Anyhoo, in just a little over 2 weeks, I believe the hubs and I have used up about half of the 200ml tube. While I tempted to pick up another tube before I left, I decided not to. Not because I thought the £4.99 price-tag was expensive, but because I remembered the hoard of body moisturisers I had sitting back home. Nevermind the other ones I picked up from Boots later on too. *winks*

In conclusion, I love it. It smells great, feels pretty good on, and most importantly, takes great care of my skin.

Vaseline's done it again. Awesome.


Petra said...

I love your pun (intended or no?) about your skin holding water. Heh.

Syen said...

Petra: Hehe.. thanks. But it's their claim that's holding water, not my skin! LOL. And no, it wasn't intended. =P