June 23, 2010

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Milk

Excuse the lack of a picture today, ladies My internet connection is being ridiculously slow so I'll try to put up the picture some time during the next few days.

After falling in love with Hada Labo's Moisturising Lotion, I was playing with the idea of giving their moisturising milk a whirl. Tine's review was the tipping point for me so off to Guardian I went!

(Trivia: I bought this with Syen and when she gave a knowing grin, "Lemme guess. You read Tine's review, didn't you?"

I have been using this for 2 over months now and have come to the conclusion that while it works okay on the moisturising front, it isn't as impressive as the Hada Labo lotion counterpart.

My main reasons for liking this product are that:

1. A little goes a long way. All you need are 4 drops for your face and neck. I think the bottle will probably last until next year.

2. It works great as a leave-in conditioner. Seriously. I forgot to bring my conditioner with me on a work trip some time ago and needed something to tame odwn the frizzies. Out came my Hada Labo bottle and I quickly scrunched 4-5 drops on to my hair. Tamed the frizzy lion immediately.

3. It really is fragrance-free. No weird plastic smell unlike Simple. I have a pretty sensitive nose so fragrance-free products are a plus point.

My main grouses:

1. The milk moisturises okay but you really need to take your time in massaging it into your skin in order for it to work. The milk texture gives it a lot of slip but it takes lots of time to absorb. Definitely not for when people in a hurry.

2. I can't upload my pictures or I would show a shot of this. There is a line on the Hada Labo bottle claiming to be free of mineral oils, alcohol and colourants. If you look at the ingredient list though, behenyl alcohol is listed somewhere in the middle.

*sigh* My skin isn't a fan of alcohol so while I haven't broken out yet, it looks like I will either have to use this lotion up on my neck or use it very sparingly.

Not a HG so I don't think I will be repurchasing.

I have forgotten how much the Hada Labo moisturising milk costs but I know that it retails here in Sabah for RM55.90 in all Guardian outlets.


xin said...

i bought the haba lotion too. but i am always in a hurry to really massage in it. and whew! thank goodness i didnt buy this on impromptu :P

Anonymous said...

benzyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol useful for moisturising purposes. The alcohol that is bad for skin is usually simply labelled as alcohol or ethanol.


Shin said...

Yep, benhenyl alcohol, just like stearyl alcohol, is a fatty alcohol that isn't detrimental to our skin.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been using Benzac ac wash and Benzac 5% for two months on my son's face and his acne is almost gone.
He has got just a few pimples which I'm pretty sure will disappear.
You must be patient and use this product twice a day ( day and night) and you will see results.
Before using Benzac, I tried many products, so I suppose the secret lies in finding the one that works on your skin.