June 24, 2010

Malaysian Dry Shampoo: Comfy Care

Do you know I wash my hair daily here? Every. Single. Day. Once in a week I try to give my hair a bit of a break and wash it Saturday evening and then not wash it till Monday morning. Unfortunately, by 5pm, my hair is greaaasyy. Hence the mourning Syen and I have over the lack of Batiste in this country.

Well the other day I was out for dinner with Eli in Tropicana City Mall and dropped by the newly opened Guardian. Eli spotted this local brand of dry shampoo - in Malaysia the stuff is marketed at (rather unglamorously I feel) new moms still in confinement and unable to wash their hair. Still Dry Shampoo is Dry Shampoo and we each bought a bottle to try.

This is a silica-based white powder that's mostly translucent, especially when it comes into contact with oil. The bottle itself is JUST like a small shampoo bottle and loose white powder dispenses quite well. It really isn't as messy as you expect.

It's hard to compare, as Batiste is an aerosol formula, but I feel like I need more Comfy Care to tackle my hair's greasies.

About this much.

It has a faint talcum baby powder scent which I prefer to Batiste's stronger perfume. And there is an advantage to it not being in an aerosol can - it's absolutely travel and plane friendly!

WARNING Icky Greasy Hair Photo coming up!

To use, carefully rub your palms over your head to dispense powder and then run hands through hair, vigorously massaging powder into scalp.
Brush thoroughly or hair will look grey. If you brush enough the powder shouldn't be visible.


After (needs more brushing!)

As you can see it absorbed the oil and added volume to my poor hair. Granted it now has a whitish caste - something I think Batiste may tackle better. This is a case of less is more. Try a little first and keep going till your hair looks refreshed.

While not the best dry shampoo on earth, at about RM15 it's an affordable, handy product to have on hand and I can see how great it'll be on long plane journeys.


Askmewhats said...

haven't tried any of these dry shampoos! they are intriguing though!

Kahani said...

Nikki: Think of it as deodorising and blotting powder - for your hair!

Foxy Frangipani said...

Errmmm wont it clog the hair folicles and cause hair loss? :S

Kahani said...

Foxy: That I won't know as I never use it for longer than a few hours. For me it's a delay in washing my hair, not a replacement. However, it is designed for people who can't bathe (invalids, confinement, post-op patients) so presumably it won't harm you long-term.

Eli said...

I miss Bastiste! Am taking this camping next week so I'll report back on how long I can go without a proper shampoo!

The Undercover Gypsy said...

Thanks for the rec! I usually use the Klorane dry shampoo - it works very well and has a nice, gentle fragrance, but I also have a tin of cornstarch that works amazingly well as dry shampoo in a pinch, since all dry shampoos list some kind of starch in their ingredient lists :)

Batiste Malaysia said...

Now you can get your Batiste Dry Shampoo here

Ray Rosli said...

Yupp, Batiste is the best thus far. Aerosol spray type and the scents are just amazing. The smell lasts from mornint till evening with only one application.

It comes with dark / black powder (instead of conventional whitish) too.

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See ya!