July 23, 2010

Review: Daiso Blotters

Us So Loverly gals here have a lot of love for Daiso. And adding to that list is my love for their blotters.

Being an oily girl, I've been trying out blotters from here, there and everywhere, and still I find myself going back to Daiso. And I'm not talking about the desktop blotters Kahani's written about before.

Read on to find out why.

Actually, it's really simple. It's cheap and it works, and they're packed slim enough to fit into any bag or purse.

Daiso's blotters come in a multitude of packagings and my favourites are the first three types photographed from the left (in the photo at the top). The green boxed one, not so much.

The first three are packaged more or less like this. They're plain, but surprisingly sturdy.

Even after soaking up a good amount of oil, they don't tear apart, unlike some others I've tried. I just find it easier to handle paper that won't go to bits and pieces as you're mopping your face up. And I would usually only need a sheet, or at most two, on really oily days, which is fine by me.

This one, while fun to look at, is horribly thin. The reason I don't like it as much as the rest is not because it'll tear (it's also surprisingly sturdy), but because I find myself needing three sheets or more per blotting session because of how thin the sheets are. So nope, won't be repurchasing this one.

Daiso doesn't always have stock for their blotters, so I was happy as a clam when I found them well-stocked in one of my recent trips. And stocked up on them myself, of course. If you want them, you might want to hurry over.

In terms of pricing, I find that Daiso blotters are generally very affordable as they cost RM5 for 200 or even 300 sheets, depending on which type you're buying. That's way more economical than Clean & Clear ones which cost about RM8 for 60 sheets.

It is for me anyhow. Blotter, anyone?


AskMeWhats said...

the colored ones (though too thin) looks so cool !I'll purchase it in a heartbeat! hahaha just because its cute to look at! We don't have that down here! Or, I haven't look closer!

akiki said...

this is nice ans cheap~~~~

~Lisa said...

I'd love to try these blotters!!
& cheap too! Unfortunately, it's not available where I live.


Eli said...

Grarr, I saw the first 3 blotters in Daiso the other day but didn't think about getting them. I - must - try.