July 22, 2010

Cheap glossies: Nivea Caregloss in Pink and LipIce in Candy Apple

I swear the lipstick index has nothing on the lipgloss index for sheer instant gratification in times of stress. I've been hankering after a simple, sheer, pink, moisturising gloss to top up my lipstick or use alone whenever I feel like piling on some shine. I think the need for gloss and sparkle is directly correlated to my stress levels. Argh.

Well I actually tried shopping in my stash first. But all my vanilla scented glosses were too gourmand for me on a hot afternoon after lunch, all the pigmented ones weren't pigmented enough and all the sheer ones were simply too sweet, candy or plastic. What I wanted, I decided was a super minty gloss - but my tube of Crabtree & Evelyn Garden Mint is in truth, too tacky. Yes, a veritable goldilocks of lipglosses am I.

Well I decided on picking up a tube of Clinique Superbalm (RM55 I think) as it's completely flavourless... but I as in the Curve which HAS no Clinique. Finally I took myself in desperate frustration to Guardian and found myself waffling between Lip Ice and Nivea. "What the hell!" said I, "They're only RM12.90 each! I'm a grownup now not a funds deprived teen, I'll buy BOTH." So filled with the joy of reckless lipgloss purchasing, I bought both.

They both smell of cheap plasticky candy berry glosses. And they're both kinda thick. ARGH. I used to use LipIce glosses a lot in uni and I remember they were tingly and not that sweet and certainly not plasticky. Darn.

Nivea Caregloss

I've bought this before and gave it to Syen because I didn't like the scent, but it claimed to be reformulated. Since I loved the reformulated lipbalms as you all well know, I thought I'd give it another try. I still hate the taste, but I can stand it actually. However it really isn't that sheer going on a rather opaque, shimmery pink that just stops short of frostiness. I may be able to use it up but I don't think I'll turn to it on a stressful day to feel better.

LipIce Gloss in Candy Apple
Sheer, glossy, less thick and sticky and very sparkly I really like this gloss a whole lot better than the one from Nivea. But it alas has lost its minty tingle and faint berry. Now it's WHOA fake berry and tastes like plastic. *sighs*. Again will use slavishly till it's done but not repurchasing.

You may be interested to know that I've given up and purchased a lipgloss from Kiehl's which I love and it has put an end to cravings. Moral of the story? Just go buy the perfect one rather than try around. I STILL want a minty gloss though.


plue said...

i see u change a bit of your blog's template! :D

i have been using more lipstick than glosses now these days, and i wonder why :P

AskMeWhats said...

love your new blog template, still simple yet has this lovely daintiness in it!

I love nivea Caregloss! Both looks wonderful on your lips!

Kahani said...

Plue: I have phases. Been using lipstick and stains for aaages and suddenly it was all about the glosses.

Nikki: Thanks dear! Blogger has a new template designer that makes it very very easy to switch things around. So I migrated the entire thing over. There are a still a few teething issues but I'll get around to it.

You do? I just can't get over the plasticky fake berry scent.