August 05, 2010

GRAPEFRUIT!: Sephora Spray in Grapefruit Tangerine

The hunt for that perfect grapefruit fragrance continues and I'm quite happy I happened along this little cutie in Sephora Singapore. SG$10 gets you 10ml of pure GRRRAAAAPPEEFRUUIIIIITTT...... and then poof it disappears. 

If I spray it on my hair it lasts oh 20 mins longer than the 5 mins it does on my skin. Alas. Because I love this scent. It's a glorious citrus cocktail - like you'd squeezed real grapefruit on yourself - with a side of tangerine to sweeten. 

I mostly use it as a pick me up or just before I meet someone treating them to a refreshing whiff of grapefruit with the greeting kiss. With any luck it will be pavlovian and all all grapefruits will subconsciously be branded after me. Whenever they get a whiff they think of me and they won't know why. Evil eh? 

It's discontinued on the regular Sephora site so I may need to stock up on a few more of these vials if my plot to takeover the world is to come to fruition (geddit? geddit?).


rinnah said...

Hahaha... pavlov-ian complex indeed! Well, grapefruit is already associated with you in my head, so I guess I'll be spared in your world domination plans? :P

renee said...

Wow!! That's great. I really like the grapefruit fragrance.

Anonymous said...

where can i get this on the internet? i have a vial but it's running out and i love this scent.

Anonymous said...

This morning I entered a Sephora shop and tried to buy my grapefruit tangerine scented spray and the shop assistant told me that they are not selling this product anymore. Can you believe it? What can we, grapefruit-tangerine lovers, do?

Kahani said...

oh no, pray they bring it back? =(