August 31, 2010

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Peach Daiquiri

So I REALLY suck at photographing nail polish and need lessons from Nikki and PrettyB. So sorry about that.

I'm rushing this review out because well, I think Sally Hansen is pulling out of Malaysia. It's not in Watsons, Guardian or Shins anymore. I found this one in Caring Pharmacy at 101 Mall Puchong. Yep. Puchong.

After discovering how much I loved Strawberry Icing, I really wanted to try other colours, especially a sparkly red. But of all the shades available Peach Daiquiri was the only one that truly appealed. Partly because of the pretty holographic sparklies, partly because it's named after a delicious alcholic cocktail. Mmm...

I prefer two thin layers of this to one. It's almost straight up peachy orange, but the holographic sparklies have pink and silver in them giving it this opalescent glow. So pretty! It's sheerness also gives it a "jelly" look which I weirdly love.

And perhaps I kid myself, but I think the nudish shade makes my fingers look longer. It also does seem slightly less juvenile than sparkly pink.

Grab it where you can before it's gone and we have to smuggle the things in from Singapore. They're RM17.90 - RM19.90 a bottle. Depending on luck.

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Anonymous said...

That's a really pretty color. A shame that Sally Hansen is leaving maybe...