September 01, 2010

In Love and Heartbroken: Chanel Rouge Coco in Bois des Iles

Excuse the lack of pictures and swatches but I am having terrible problems uploading them to the blog. Will post the pics by the end of the week, promise. 

The purchase of a Chanel lippie – well, any Chanel product really – is a long and lengthy decision. For me, at least. If I were to tell that to my mother, she would probably sniff and say, “It’s just a matter of making up your mind and having the money,” while applying her Chanel lipstick.

I already long made up my mind to get myself a Rouge Coco lipstick but it was a matter of getting the money (researchers don't get much). Thank goodness for all those 6 day outstation trips. When I visited KL a few weeks ago, I marched into the nearest Chanel counter (the nearest being a 5 minute walk away from my arrival gate at KL International Airport) and started swatching Rouge Cocos and bullying the poor MUA like a deranged person  woman on a mission.

I think the poor woman heaved a huge sigh of relief when I finally decided on #33 Bois des Iles.
The Makeup Alley ladies seem to have a tough time deciding what shade Bois des Iles is. Some call it rose, some say that its a coppery brown, others say that its a coppery red... I am inclined to agree with all them but with the addition that Bois des Iles sometimes seems a leetle bit peach on me. The colour changes depending on how much sleep I had the night before. Seriously.

Most of the time though, Bois des Iles shows up as a lovely balanced red-brown with a slight shimmer of copper. I was actually hunting for an MLBB shade but ended up with a subdued working red which works great for everyday, depending on what I am wearing. I loved it.

And then disaster struck the minute I got home. The first time I applied Rouge Coco to my lips, I felt the lipstick give way from my lips. 

"That's odd," I thought. Then I squinted at the lipstick. It seemed... slanted.

When I quickly screwed the lipstick all the way out, I groaned. The lipstick was broken in two.

The next time I was at a Chanel counter, I told the MUA what had happened. She shrugged. 

"We don't do refunds or exchanges. You probably broke it by screwing it all the way out to apply it or pressed it too hard."

I protested. Of course I didn't open it all the way or press it too hard.

"Well..." she said, "maybe you didn't check it properly when you bought it. You must have done something wrong."

I gulped and turned away to examine the lipstick rack so I could have a chance to rearrange my outraged face. I must have looked like a really crushed and pathetic figure because the MUA softly asked, "Are you looking to buy a new one?"

"I am still thinking about it," I replied as I looked through the Rouge Coco testers. "Wow, lots of the testers seem to be smashed or broken in half."

"Hmm.. Yeah, that's a problem we seem to be having with that line. The formula is so creamy, the testers get spoiled faster than Rouge Allure."

I raised an eyebrow.

Maybe I am seeing too much into that simple statement but it seems that Rouge Coco lippies might be prone to breakage. Something to keep in mind for the future.

The big question now is, would I repurchase?

Hmm, tough call. I love the rich colour of Bois des Iles but I don't find the Rouge Coco formula itself all that great. Mind, I am not biased because mine broke. I just find Rouge Coco less moisturising, less lasting and smooth compared to Lipstick Queen.

I guess that I would only repurchase if there's a Rouge Coco colour which I adore and can't find a dupe for. Otherwise, Lipstick Queen would be my favourite luxe lipstick of all time.

Rouge Coco retails for RM 95. Be sure to check yours carefully!


lyn said...

Sorry about your broken Rouge Coco :-( I think you can salvage it by scraping it into a small container and use a lipbrush to apply instead. I will definitely check carefully the next time I purchase one so thanks for the warning.

akiki said...

wow..this is a nice post~~
i guess many of us didn't check the lipstick when making purchase....
gotta be very careful next time~
and sorry to u

april said...

Oh! That is so tremendously sad!

I think you have answered your own question. No to buying another Rouge Coco, because the Lipstick Queen works better for you.

Even a broken Rouge Coco can be salvaged. Use a lipbrush? A lipstick lasts ages anyway, something better might come along and you would have a new lemming to worry about.

Connie De Alwis said...

Hey Eli, I'm sorry about what happened to your lipstick! Trust me, I know how you feel. But luckily for me, my situation was handled very well and I was given a new lipstick as a replacement (Stage cosmetics).

I'd suggest that you send an e-mail to a superior in the office or even the department store explaining to them your situation. They are actually able to make exchanges or refunds despite what they say but they're reluctant to because the procedure is a wee bit troublesome. And Malaysian beauty brands simply find it easier to say that they can't do a refund or exchange when they actually can.

It's not so much about getting a compensation rather, it should be made known that this is what you've experienced and the situation was not handled well. If the SA had apologized and offered to help you at the very least saying that she'd bring the matter up to the office to see if anything can be done, that would've been more ideal. It would've been as simple as making a phone call or sending an email for her. That is if it was true that she really could not be the one who decides on a refund. At least, that's what I would've done and have done many times when faced with a customer asking for a refund or exchange. It's not like they'd be taking the lipstick out from her paycheck.

It's obvious that you don't have any ulterior motives to report a broken lipstick because seriously, who would want to break a brand new lipstick on purpose? You're not taking advantage of the company (such a person would use half or more of the lipstick and then claim that it's spoiled or causing allergies) and you deserve to get an undamaged lipstick for the price you paid for.

Eli said...

Sorry for the long silence. Am holidaying in Australia and my boy's internet hasn't been connected. Hence the lack of pictures as well, yikes.

I have been using a lip brush to apply the lipstick -- it's still a lovely colour.

Connie: Thanks for your suggestions. I am planning to take the matter up with customer service (if I can find the email) as I did check the lipstick before buying it and it seemed fine. Think I am mostly annoyed with the lax attitude I have been getting from the SAs, oof.