September 02, 2010

CrossPost: How to make a sock bun and use it!

I don't often cross-post from Frocking Around, but hey I was so proud of me that I couldn't resist reposting this tip / crafty idea and hair-achievement here on So Loverly. Hope you'll forgive me. 

It's incredibly easy to get this hairstyle. Honest! 10 minutes tops... and that includes making the sock bun.

As I've given up all hope of finding a proper hair doughnut in Malaysia so I decided to make a sock-bun version of my own. It's not hard. First take an old black stocking and cut off as high as possible at the thigh and slit open the toe area:

Then roll it into a donut shape:

Next follow these easy peasy instructions:

And substitute these pins from Daiso (RM5) instead of bobby pins for extra pretty:


Askmewhats said...

gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing!

xin said...

wow em! you are amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty, thanks for sharing.
might help me out for a new hairdo in work =P

Anonymous said...

The photo on the top looks so beautiful. Your braid around the bun makes it look so elegant.

Doesn't the sock inside your hair feel heavy and awkward?

Kahani said...

Thanks ladies!

Anon: Nope not at all. But maybe I'm used to a heavy head of hair since I sported the waist-length look for over 5 years.