September 30, 2010

Putting hair up with a Daiso Bargain

Yes more hair accessories from Daiso!

After this post  by Beauty Geek, I sat there, staring at the Goody Simple Styles site wistfully. We don't have cool stuff like this here. So imagine my reaction when I spotted this at Daiso:

Japanese instructions being incomprehensible, I used the ones on Goody's site instead to achieve the look in the first photo:

Honestly though, while it looks simple, it only seems to work for me one time out of 5 attempts. Sometimes it's comfortable, but sometimes it's headache inducing! Ah well, at least I'm only out RM5. 

This is a repost from Frocking Around


AskMeWhats said...

*wails* Haven't been to Daiso for gazillion years, I hope I can see this when I get the chance to visit :)

Anonymous said...

Really good find! Have to go find these at Daiso this weekend. Thanks!!!

saltvinegar said...

i recently saw this at Daiso.. it looks so difficult to do.. but you achieved a pretty nice but in your pic!

Kahani said...

saltvinegar: Goody's instructions are much much easier to follow than Daisos!