October 01, 2010

What is your price threshold?

Makeup is an expensive hobby.

As one who loves trying makeup stuff (and skincare, bodycare and haircare), I'm constantly buying and trying out new products, much to my chagrin of my purse.

It doesn't help that so many products which were previously not available in Malaysia, are now easily obtainable through the Internet and good friends (aka makeup mules).

And as Kahani once noted, "When you order, you order biiig, don't you?"

So as you can imagine, that's a lot of products and a lot of money shelled out to feed this rather expensive hobby. (Note: Most of the products you see here on this blog are paid for out of our own pockets. The ones that have been kindly provided for reviews, will be mentioned as such.)

Personally, I'm not terribly fussy and products that I've tried and love range from drugstore all the way to high-end. While drugstore products, are of course, much easier on the wallet, there have been times when I've had horrible lemmings on high-end products. The issue is, there has to be a line drawn somewhere where I say, "Okay, that is just beyond my budget."

For me, that line is somewhere around RM200.

I've noticed that for products which are priced above RM200, even if they are lemmings, I tend to give them a miss. Unless I REALLY need/want the product, and I'm giving myself a treat. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't think my other purchases through, even those below RM100.

Among a few pricier products I have indulged in include Bobbi Brown's Stonewashed Nude Palette (RM190), Shu Uemura Winter Sakura Palette (RM195), Eve Lom Cleanser (£28 ~ RM140), and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (RM290). If you notice, the ANR is the odd one out, and it was a desperate buy.

And currently, I'm lemming a good tub of Kerastase Masquintense hair treatment (RM130).

What's your price threshold? And what are some of your pricier purchases?


Anonymous said...

Mine is S$50. I will only pay more than that at the dermatologist.

plue said...

mine, for a single product, it's rm200, unless i am in desperate need of something and everything else just don't work :)

but i think i am lucky, so far i have only broke record of going more than rm200 for a single item :P

Anonymous said...

Mine is 400 i guess. but that's only 1 purchase, my Diorsnow White reveal essence serum.

i only pay extravagant prices for skincare, but NEVER EVER for makeup, no matter what.

Connie De Alwis said...

hmm... I start thinking hard at RM100. Usually won't go beyond RM200. I can't afford to!
Even for drugstore I still consider. Money's not free after all so doesn't mean a cleanser is RM12 and I don't think twice about buying it. If I don't need it, I don't. Can't say the same for lipgloss though...

Tine said...

For me, single product would be $100. In fact, I'd feel the sting if it's over $60.

I'm with Connie. I'd think twice for drugstore products too. If I don't need it, even if it's a tenner, I won't buy it. Well, most of the time anyway :P

Eli said...

It depends on what it is and whether it is replaceable by something else. The only thing I splurge on is liquid foundation (Bobbi Brown, RM 150) because I can't find a drugstore version which suits me.

Oh, and serums. Happily, mum and I are currently using the same serum so we split the cost. *phew*

Lenna said...

I figure that for a single item, I don't want to spend more than $25 on it. $25 for a single eyeliner or lipstick is pretty insane to me. I would be more willing to spend around that much for face cream or something like that though...

ksuan said...

I only bend my price threshold for serums, like Clinique's Turnaround Concentrate - other than that I try to keep things under SGD100 in general :) I just reckon Turnaround is something I love and can't really live without, and is worth the splurge!

It does deeply annoy me, however, that most of the stuff we call expensive in this part of the world really doesn't cost much in the US, UK and Europe *mutters under breath

Syen said...

Hey girls, thanks for your comments and feedback! Cheerios~