September 28, 2010

Traditional Japanese Lip Balm

 I couldn't leave Japan without picking up something "traditional". Not being too enthralled with the blotting papers, or nightingale poop infused cream, I went for an old favourite.. Lip Balm. And the yummiest citrus scented lipbalm you have ever smelled too.

While I doubt the balm itself is really traditional, the brand, Yojiya claims to have been making cosmetics in Kyoto since 1904.

The balm itself isn't bad but a lot firmer than the sample tester. Maybe it takes a little warming up or I have to break through the solid waxy top. Other than that it's a bog standard normal balm - it just smells irresistible to me.

So far the balm has proven bog standard, no rock my world hijinks. At RM29 it really is too pricey, but I can kid myself the geishas used something like this. And it doesn't contain nightingale poop.

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Eli said...

I know this brand! My parents bought Yojiya oil blotting papers for me the last time they visited Tokyo. Quite small sized and not that great. I found out by accident that they worked great as lipstick blotters.