October 08, 2010

A Cocoa Indulgence: Dalon Vaseline

Who loves a delicious cocoa indulgence in all its chocolatey goodness just before bedtime?


Minus the calories, of course. And this lipbalm - Dalon Vaseline - does just that.

A have a nose (and a thing) for rich gourmand scents (as Kahani tells me), and this choc-scented vaseline just smells just absolutely divine. A deep whiff of it before bedtime, and it literally melts my stress away. I'm all happy and contented.

As a lipbalm, it works great. But as with vaseline, you can be creative and think of how else you might want to use it. Rub it on dry spots, dry cuticles etc. I leave the ingenuity to you.

I picked up this 150ml tub from Greece when I was there last year, for about €1.50 (~RM6.70). A real steal, won't you say? Especially since this huge tub will prolly last me forever.

Apologies I can't tell you more, everything else on the label is all Greek to me. *Hehe*

Hot chocolate, anyone?


Melia said...

My mother loves this too! She uses the plain version and tells me that it's the reason her lips are soft all winter.
Quick translation of the back of the tub is "Perfect for babies. Protects sensitive skin from redness, rash and dryness. Use with every diaper change. Perfect for pregnancy. Protects skin from stretch marks or loss of firmness. Perfect for dry/cracked lips, elbows. heels, knees and even for eye makeup removal.

Syen said...

Hi Melia! Thanks for commenting and thanks so much for the translation! Hope to see you around more! =)

Christi Petaloti said...

I was really surprised to so see a greek product on your blog and i am glad cause i am greek and i use this vaseline for my skin care. I apply this product to all my body to make my skin more firm abd protect it from celuline and aging. Espacially for those who want to loose weight is the best way to prevent skin slackening.