October 19, 2010

Ecotools? Maybe not.

Hello lovelies,

Meet my latest brush acquisition. It looks like Ecotools, it feels like Ecotools, and it even holds like Ecotools. But Ecotools, it is not.

But it sure is an Ecotools wannabe, though.

Meet Fenling.

Kahani has mentioned about it briefly before here, but today I'll give a mini review of it. I had picked it up at the Jaya Jusco pharmacy (in Midvalley), thinking of adding it to my blush brush collection. But after giving it a go for a few days, I don't think it's really cut out for blush work.

A little more dense than my current favourite blush brush - Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush (on the right) - it definitely seems more suited for powder application. If you're in a fix, it could do fine for blush, I suppose, but I would say powder is what this brush was made for. It would work well for buffing in the blusher, though.

Just a tad shorter than the Ecotools brush, this one would be excellent for travel too.

And just in case you're a clean-freak who needs to clean your brushes all the time, a little note here that should make you mighty happy. Post-purchase, I decided it would need a bath before it goes anywhere near my face. To my greatest surprise the brush was almost dry within an hour of washing! Amazing!

For RM16.90, it's definitely a no-brainer purchase. If you're thinking of getting a powder brush, this is definitely worth checking out.

Fenling, anyone?


Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

Got mine from Sasa. A set of 5 piece brushes, just like Ecotools. the bristles are soft, quite liking them for this reason. If not mistaken, RM45 for the set.

Tine said...

These brushes are all probably OEM-ed by some Chinese company :P

I could do with that Fenling brush. At least it'll be cheaper than Ecotools.

Askmewhats said...

Base on the brand, is it made in China? It's just an honest query :) I hold nothing against made in China as most of the products nowadays are made from there anyways :) But it does indeed look like Ecotools!

Syen said...

Syn: Oh? I didn't know Fenling was also available in Sasa already. Thanks for the info! =)

Tine: Hehe. Of course we can always do with another brush. How do you plans to get your hand on it?

Nikki: I should think so. I didn't really bother reading the labels on the box, but I'm quite sure I must have read a "Made in China" line on it. LOL.

Eli said...

Like Ecotools, Fenling is made in China. Great for powders, did you say? *muses*

Apparently there is a Ecotools powder brush lookalike (the big fluffy one everyone loves) by Fenling as well but I haven't spotted it yet.

domncroxd said...

you've got me almost convinced :p i've seen it at Jusco and hurriedly MMSed a pic to ksuan last time. now i'll find it at Sasa when i'm there next!

Kahani said...

hahah Lisa beat me to it. I bought the Fenling fluffy powder brush for RM16 at Jusco and have been using it to dust on my MUFE