October 18, 2010

Hugo Boss Bottled Night Launch & Monday's Beauty Bits

I confess I really do love an excuse to dress up and the Hugo Boss Bottled Night launch at Zouk KL gave just that. And of course it's always good to spend time with Connie & ParisB. =D

For a full breakdown of what I wore and more pics, head over to Frocking Around.

The event was MC'd by the rather ubiquitous Xandria Ooi and besides extended fashiony video clips and plastering us with stickers of the perfume, the night really was quite free of the star product. No scent strips, no lavish descriptions of the perfume beyond describing it as, "the modern man's secret to seduction and style!" *hairtoss*

As it's a male-fragrance I've passed the bottle on to a buddy of mine for review. He'll be letting us know what he thinks of it shortly. 

Personally, I agree with the assessment that this is a night fragrance with dark and musky undertones. Not too musky though, it didn't set me sneezing and it has a warm slightly vanilla scent with a spicy note. I loved the opening spritz which smelt of Birch (lovely!) but sadly it doesn't last. Overall though it's an urban sexy (not full on caveman musk ox) and quite an elegant cologne. 

While waiting for the review, here's the ads for Boss Bottled & Boss Bottled Night. Eye candy and they're a matched pair. So sit back and enjoy some Massive Attack - some of the sexiest music I know: 

Boss Bottled Night EDT retails at RM154 (30ml), RM201 (50ml) and RM264 (100ml).

Beauty Bits:

If you're looking to buy ELF cosmetics, but don't have a PayPal account or a credit card to wield, a local blogshop, Plustique, selling them. I've never bought from them though so I can't vouch for them.

Steam Cream fanatics, or those who just like the pretty tins, another local blogshop Serendipity's carrying them and this time I have bought cosmetics from the shop and can recommend it. =)


xin said...

ahh ryan is so hot!!!

Connie De Alwis said...

I know.... *thinks inappropriate thoughts*
babe, you look hot la, as always :)