October 04, 2010

Monday Beauty Bits & Beauty Blogger Roundup!

I'm in mourning at present. My regular cheap-frock fix, and a source of much happiness for me, is now gone. It seems Amcorp Mall has chased them away! =(

Watsons is currently running a Buy 1 Get 1 free on Revlon Nailpolishes again. Just when you think I can't possibly want any more... I find myself buying Tropical Temptation (Coral) and Cherry Crush (deep shimmery red). Ah well.

Now for the lovely blogging babes:


Foong Jin said...

I have both the colours, very very pretty :D always get compliments and enquiries when I wear them :D love Revlon nailpolishes! too bad the colours are so limited!

Kahani said...

Foong Jin: Do you prefer Tropical Temptation on your fingers or toes? I'm afraid they're too bright for my fingers. I'm easily distracted =P

Foong Jin said...

I put them on both! Depends on my mood usually. If I feel like I need something colourful to cheer me up, I'll put them on my fingers where it's easily visible :D Otherwise most bright colours will go onto my toes, cos I don't want to scare people away :P

It's a very flattering colour, so put them on your fingers with no worries! :D